Brass cleaning and annealing service?

Emmersom Biggens

Oct 8, 2018
Locust Grove, Ga
I am fairly new to the Hide and I do know there are some guys on here who offer some sort of annealing services. I was thinking about doing something similar. I have invested a ton of $$ into my precision loading equipment, and am considering offering a service where you basically send me sorted brass and I will de-cap, wet tumble with stainless media in a Thumler's Tumbler, dry, so you don't get those water spots, and anneal with my AMP annealer, and send back ready to go in your press. I have the model with the Aztec feature,so I can analyze each batch there is not already a code out there for it. No danger in overheating, like with some of the other methods out there. Copper Creek charges around $40 for annealing services only for 100 pieces. What would be a reasonable amount for this service? I'm open to y'all's input. Thanks!