Binos with reticle?


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May 6, 2017
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Sep 16, 2018
I've got a pair of Steiner 8x30s w/o the reticle and they're awesome. I would get the ones with a reticle in a heartbeat.
Apr 26, 2013
Leupold mark 4 10x50 and tmr reticle
AMEN to that, I got the MilDot Versions and Love em, best bino's ever, I also have the later model Black Leupold 10x42's with the L shaped Ret but the Mk 4's are way better and the bag on the Mk 4's is way better coz the bag/case on the newer ones flips upside down due to them sowing on the strap exactly halfway down the bag, where the MK 4 Case is built like a tank and has room for my slope doper and a calculator and a MilDot Master.

I fitted mine with a set of Butler Creek flip ups on the objectives and sprayed them to match the bino's.
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Jun 5, 2011
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I have a pair of Fujinon 7x50 military binos and they've served me well for years. They have a reticle but honestly the only place I ever used the reticle in the binos was an EIB exercise. The damn things are very tough and have good glass. New the cost on 'em is/was ~$800, but they can be had for $200 or even less if you're patient and frequent the surplus stores. Guy down the street has two pairs for around that.

Since they're military issue, Tenebraex makes a killflash for 'em that's damn nice --whether you need that or not, they're worth it just because they protect the glass and come with these thick rubber caps that are better than the issue ones. The killflash kit is also pretty cheap on Ebay.

They're also tough as shit, these are what we got issued in the Stryker unit and they'd spend most of the time bouncing around the vehicle and slamming into shit. Never saw one break. Maybe the rubber armor helps.
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