Best value for money multi power scope to x20 or x25

Would love some feedback on best value for money scopes as above. I love USO scopes but really pricy. I know you need the best glass you can afford but can't go this high. Use is long range 1000-1500. The new Vortex HD has to be on the list, but who else? I hear stories about SWFA not being very robust, is this true? S&B are out too expensive, maybe NF out as well. So anyone else worth considering?. I see Kahles being mentioned more, any good?

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Aug 5, 2012
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You're on the right track, but Kahles is as expensive as other premium scopes. Bushnell has some new offerings I hear are good and don't forget Leupold. SFP will save you money, if you shoot known distances. If your budget stretches to $2200, there will be many great options. Used Nightforce could be found here for $2000 or less. I hope you've read the Optics Selection sticky here several times. Also what caliber are you using? 338 will eat you alive in ammo costs.


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Jul 9, 2001
The Vortex Razor has alot of nice features, excellent reticles and plenty of elevation for the money. Very good glass too. As mentioned you can save money with a SFP scope if FFP isn't needed for your application but if you need FFP look hard at the Vortex.
I am really looking for sub 2K on the scope and also FFP for known and unknown distance. Yes I look at the various optics here but just need advice on makes. I also need illumination as I do twilight and early morning shoots. Not using 338, yet, just 308. Some say that NF are not very durable but I know folks in the military using them so I find that hard to believe. Vortex has been getting some really good reviews I notice. I am not necessarily looking for new so that makes a big difference I would probably try and find the scope on the Hide or other forums. Given this any particular scopes you think I should look for not just make but spec that might come in under 2K? I know I just have to keep looking and wait until the right one comes up but I need to focus on specific scopes and would like to get this down to 2 or 3 types. Leupolds seem to keep their value with Royce's staying high especially for the multi power scopes. So right now I have Vortex Razor on my list, and maybe NF, any others?


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Jul 24, 2011
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Used USO's consistently offer an excellent value. Because of the custom nature of their specs they usualy go for a greater discount used than other makers products. If you allow a little flexibility in your configuration or have a bit of patience you can get USO at very good prices. None of my 3.2-17x or 5-25x purchases ran more than $2k though the 5-25x is hard to find at this price.

I think that the best I have done is 42% off retail and 30% off is the most I ever paid.
Feb 11, 2013
Just about everything that I have read about the SWFA SS is positive. The only downside that I've heard of is the illumination bleeding into the reticle on some of them. I guess it's more pronounced on some than it is on others. If you're not looking for an illuminated model then $1299 retail and a bit less used isn't a bad deal at all.


Nov 28, 2006
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Value? Bushnell 3.5-21x50 G2DMR...

or better yet for new F1 money you can get a Bushnell 4.5-30x50 G2DMR, how is that for value...
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thanks all for the input. this has narrowed it down a bit
In case your leaning towards Bushnell. I started a group buy 2 weeks ago. They are all spoken for but in case someone opts out would you be interested? Black XRS 4.5-30x50 $1800+shipping. Chris
Pleistarchus, thanks for the offer, but I am saving to do all this at the moment and have not reached the amount I need, so will have to wait to buy the scope. Also just about to have one of my kids go to college, so about to become a whole lot poorer!!! I have not checked out the Bushys, so will take a look.


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Mar 1, 2009
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In terms of value the Vortex Viper PST, Bushnell Elite, or SWFA SS are about as good as it get. I run a SS on my 6.5 CM and it is an excellent optic. The glass of good quality, it tracks perfectly, the turrets are GTG. My only complaint is that the reticle is not my favorite, but I knew that going in.
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