Best flashlight

I have a couple of the fenix tk15-ue lights that are very impressive. Well made, incredibly bright, and midway has good sales on them on occasion. Bought one for my old man and now several of the guys on his PD have replaced their much more expensive big name lights with them after comparing them.

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I really like Streamlight. I own several but would recommend the ProTac series. For around the house, the ProTac 2AA is pretty good, and it uses AA. If you want to carry it around too, I would get the ProTac 1L. Super bright in a small package and comes with a pocket clip. The 1L can also be a good weapon mounted light too if you purchase a mount.

I use Fenix lights as well. I use the PD35 at work and have an LD12 for home use/EDC/weapon light. Fenix is another really good brand.

I bought a rechargeable setup for the CR123s since I have a bunch of lights (both handheld and weapon) that use them and they are expensive to continuously purchase. AA/AAA rechargeable setups are super affordable if you want to go that route.

You can always go the Surefiure route, but honestly, after using them for several years, I think they are overpriced for what they are. The market is saturated with really good quality lights at better prices.

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Second the Streamlight Pro tac series. A lot if light for the money. I have the Pro Tac 1L at 350 lumen. Great bedside light.The Streamlight Poly tac lights are around 275 lumen and can be had for around $40.00 Another good light that I have is the Surefire G2X, 400 lumen and can be had for around $50.00. The Surefire Fury is another good light at 600 lumen, but considerably more money.

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I forgot about the PolyTac series of lights. I've owned a couple of those as well over the years. Great value there too. I've even seen them on rifles too.

I melted the lens on a Surefire G2X by accident when it turned on in my pouch (the push button is unprotected, easily activated unintentionally). The lens was deformed but it still worked as intended. Ended up giving it to a buddy. Its about the only reasonably priced Surefire in my opinion.
I have a fenix pd35 as well. It's a little smaller than the the tk15, but not quite as impressive of a beam. Both are like mini spot lights though really. No way you'll be disappointed either way.


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Fenix LD41 and ProTac HL3 have both served the family well. The Fenix is actually the workhorse. It gets used multiple times a day. Have had it for quite a few years. Was skeptical because it wasn’t “Mutican”, but have since changed my mind about the brand. 👍🏻👍🏻


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I’m a fan of the surefire G2 for a no frills bedside light. It’s bright, reliable and easy on the wallet.

I’ve also got a Fenix which had been good. Surefire just has a great reputation and I’ve been using them for years with no issues.
Streamlight Stinger has been a good duty light for me. It's lasted 10 years, being used every night. I just have to replace the rechargeable battery every 3 years or so.


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I have personally purchased a Fenix PD35 and Streamlight ProTac lights and can recommend them both. My department has issued me both older Streamlight Stingers and an SL20 (which is considerably too large for what you're wanting) as well as more recently, a Nightstick rechargeable.

My only reason to recommend a Stinger (newer model) over the Fenix or ProTac are that the Stinger is rechargeable, but I'm fairly certain there are ProTac models that are as well - and heck, maybe some Fenix lights are too. While I haven't had any issues with the Nightstick that I am issued, other officers in my department have so I wouldn't recommend it.
Vote for the Pelican 7600 here... Super bright (900+ lumens), multiple power modes, fully USB rechargeable, plus it has a small red and small green LED that you can switch to for night vision use (won't kill your night eyes when you turn it on and then off).
Plus, you can find them for about $85-$100 new.


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O-light S15 Baton has been my daily use flashlight for last several years. I use rechargeable AA NiMH, just haven't gotten Li rechargeable to optimize brightness. Plenty bright with NiMH battery for 98% of my use, hence my procrastination on getting the Lion batteries.

O-light S30 Baton is beside bed, use a 18650 and have a spare 18650 that is charged, ready for swap.

Bang for the buck, O-light has been hard to beat.