Best bang for the buck 300 win mag for 215g bergers?

Mar 11, 2017
Hello all,

Pretty simple question. Im looking for a 1000yd elk rifle and want a 300 win mag shooting 215g bergers.

What is the best value sub Moa gun available?
Christensen arms? Ruger precision rifle? Savage? Is there some custom combo that would provide better value? Really wanting to keep this under $2k, and less is better!

Thanks for your opinions.


Sergeant of the Hide
Mar 22, 2018
Grand Junction, Colorado
Don't know what your interest would be in a Savage but I am probably going to list my 110fp soon if a friend that has shown interest in it doesn't buy it.
Haven't shot any 215 grain bullets in it heaviest have been 208amax and Berger 210vld and it absolutely hammers with 180 grain factory loads from Winchester and Nosler.