Best Available 300 Win Mag Brass

Mar 28, 2017
Summerville, SC
Looking to purchase some 300 Win Mag brass for the first time, and was hoping to get some first hand opinions before I purchased some. I am a big fan of Peterson Brass, but they haven't offered 300 Win Mag in some time. I would like to stay under $1.00/round if I can.

Midway only has Hornady ($0.61/round), Nosler ($1.56/round), Norma ($1.03/round), and Federal ($0.84/round).
Jun 7, 2012
I went down this road and settled on Norma brass. Lapua used to make 300WM brass but it was actually made by Norma for Lapua.

Nosler Brass is weight sorted Norma brass.

Only have 20 pieces of Hornady brass from a box of ammo I shot.

Attached is how it shoots at 100 yards. I've had the rifle out to 2500 yards, with easy hits out to 1300 yards.



Gunny Sergeant
May 7, 2009
I had the lapua brass I bought from a guy on here back in 2011. Lasted me a long time, and never had to throw away a piece. Also had 50 pieces of Nosler, and it also lasted a long time. I'm out of the caliber now, but the gun shot excellent groups out to 1000. I'd go Norma, but I would also check out Peterson's brass when it becomes available. Actually out of the 2 choices, I would give the Peterson a go.
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