Berger 215's


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Mar 19, 2011
Omaha, Nebraska
I decided to jump ship to the T/R side of F class, and so I'm looking for a little input. Anyone using the Berger 215's for T/R? Expected velocity out of a 32" barrel? Do you need to run stupid pressures to move these fast enough out of a .308? Small primer brass? Enquiring minds want to know.

The nice jump in BC over the 200/210's is what caught my attention.
Nov 18, 2012
I was going to try them in one of my barrels, but I really don't have the freebore to run them. I actually have a box I am going to sell if you are interested.

A couple of guys I shoot with have used them with mixed success. One shot a clean at 600 yds with them. If you aren't on top of your bipod technique and shooting form, you can get vertical with them. They may be on the upper edge of what you can expect to shoot out of a .308. If you can control the vertical, they are great in the wind.

You really need something in the neighborhood of .200 freebore and a 10 twist or faster.
Mar 29, 2012
New Iberia, Louisiana
I've been shooting them for the last 4 months.....I use large primer lapua brass, with a 30 inch 9.25 twist Brux im running 2570 ftps (freebore about .260 to .270).....They are very finicky on the bipod, you can't muscle the gun (at least i can't do it and get away with it).....Vertical problems can and will happen if your form/technique isn't just right.....I still get vertical at times (unexpectedly), with that being said i have shot some VERY good scores at 600 & 1000 yard matches with them......Day in and day out the 185s & 200s are more consistent vertically but do get pushed around more in rough conditions, most guys that tried 215s went back to the lighter bullets.....All i can say is give them a try, you might get good results and like them or you might hate them, only one way to find out!
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Feb 14, 2017
Could be both, not sure.....All i can tell you is that they don't hold vertical quite as tight as the lighter bullets do (for me at least).
I was not able to get the 215's anywhere near as consistent as the 185 or 200.20x. Honestly I believe it has to do with case volume being very similar to pushing 90 grain VLD out of a .223