Benefits to military validation?


This is Actually a Suppressor Right Here
Jan 10, 2019

Well did TriT make it through the night lolol?

Yeah I'm still here lol. I just don't want to keep making random pointless post because I don't want everyone to think I'm just trying to speed my way to 100 through this. I very obviously and very loudly screwed up on this one and there's not really much else to say. At this point I think we can all see this tread has been entertaining but very off topic the whole time lol.

Frank I see you responded as I was typing this. So I just wanted to publicly apologize for my ignorance and disrespect one more time. A man who's done as much as you have doesn't deserve that shit from anyone. Let alone a nonothing like myself.
Jan 25, 2010
Out West
I don't think hes THAT bad.

I mean, some of the videos (especially that magpul abortion) come across as cheesy with some random WTF and/or leading you towards his system tossed in but I remember seeing a Military Times video that was about the Army sniper program where he was a contractor/civilian instructor for something there and some of the stuff he was telling the young guys made me wish I didn't have to learn most of that shit the hard way.

I know there's some weird shit with him out there with Frank and Rifles Only and whatever, but outside of hearing about it I've never been involved. He seems ok, but I'm not buying any videos or anything lol
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