Athlon Cronus BTR. Have they lived up to the expectations?


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May 5, 2014
It met my expectations completely. It tracks well and has clear glass. The reticle is really nice and easy to use. My first outing with it was in a local match and it was spot on. I wish the shooter was as good as the scope. Call gr8fuldoug at Cameraland if you decide to go with the Cronus.


Aug 12, 2017
I like mine. It’s on my ELR rifle and looking to get another on for my 224v. I do like my razors and Ares a lot also though

With Nightforce coming out with their new reticle I may be on that like a fat kid on ice cream


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Jan 13, 2011
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I've had a first gen Cronus (now belongs to a friend) and currently have a Cronus BTR. I'll echo what Padom said... very good scopes for the money, and even ignoring the money it's still a very good scope-- and that's my impression even though I have a bunch of S&B's on my other rifles. I don't feel a huge "let down" when I set down a rifle with one of the S&B's and pick up a rifle with the BTR; the BTR might actually be my current benchmark for the "point of diminishing returns."

Tracks true, zero stop is simple and works, glass is very clear, turrets aren't perfectly crisp when it comes to feel but they feel pretty good after changing the grease on the o-rings, lots of available elevation travel, and the reticle in the BTR is very nice. My BTR is currently on a .25 PCP air rifle so the elevation turret gets a lot of use and it still tracks great, and for the hunting shots where I don't have time to dial the tree reticle is excellent. My only minor gripes are I'd love to see it offer 10Y minimum parallax and I'd also like to see the parallax knob have 320 degrees or so of total rotation (like an S&B 5-25) to space out the parallax settings a bit more; right now they're a bit bunched up. The original Cronus had the parallax bunched up from 200Y+, the BTR spaced out the 200Y+ range but bunched it up inside 100Y because they kept the same total amount of knob rotation. A locking windage knob on the Cronus would be nice too. Other things I've noticed is the image loses a little clarity when elevation is dialed within about 6.5 mils of either the minimum or maximum elevation travel, but that's not an issue exclusive to the Cronus (my S&B 5-25's lose some image clarity and start to vignette when dialed near the elevation extremes.)

I'd like to see a smaller/lighter 3.5-20 x 50 Cronus, I have 2 rifles that could use something like that... Currently trying to figure out what to put on those rifles.
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Jul 7, 2005
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I've had a couple of different versions of the pre-BTR Cronus; oldest ones have fewer distance numbers engraved on parallax knob, newer ones have quite a few more. Haven't had any issues with either type, my two 40X jelrod repeaters both have the older (oldest?) versions of the pre-BTR on them, and both track very well & are very clear and sharp optically. The two V-22s in the safe have Cronus BTRs on them, and I'm happy with them, thinking perhaps they have very slightly better clarity than the pre-BTRs? There's also one of the later pre-BTRs on a Bighorn TL2-SA 6 Dasher that's been as good as any of these scopes - it's the only Cronus I have on a CF rifle.

I posted a reply here on one of the Ares ETR threads about using an ETR on a 7-08 Improved on a dark, overcast day, and having the Bighorn Dasher with the Cronus on the line at the same time. My impression on that occasion was that the ETR was at least as clear & sharp as that particular Cronus. I've not yet had the opportunity to get both these rifles back out on a day with better light to compare them against each other; would like to also compare them late in the afternoon on another dark/cloudy day.
Oct 9, 2007
The Cronus is on my short list for a new scope this spring, glad to hear so many good things. Not a deal breaker but I hope they add the locking windage turret in 2019. Guess we will see what happens at SHOT this year.


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Apr 26, 2018
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I have both the ares etr and Cronus btr to my eyes and in my opinion the etr may be “brighter looking” I don’t hunt so not sure about lowlight situations but side by side the etr appears brighter to me not necessarily a better image but certainly brighter than my cronus I would say for a hunter or crossover the ares etr might be the better choice