AR15 14.5 inch upper for sale - LAST Price drop

Fenix Mike

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Aug 19, 2012
Phoenix, AZ
Built an upper and just don't have any interest in putting optics on it or shooting it since summer is here.

5.56 Complete Upper ONLY - Does NOT include the lower assembly.
Assembled AR15 upper ONLY - 20 rounds through it to test fire only
Vltor MUR upper with forward assist in FDE (re-cerakoted with rail so they match)
Vltor Freedom rail in 14 inch cerakoted FDE at same time of upper by Paintwerkz
PSA premium Bolt carrier group
Ballistic Advantage Hanson profile 14.5 inch barrel and gas block with BA mid length gas tube
Aero precision charging handle
***Does not ship with Magpul BUIS, a muzzle device, forward grip or rail piece***

$500 shipped

Add the Surefire flash hider (Brake swapped for new Surefire flash hider), MBUS sights, vertical grip and rail portion
$650 shipped

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