Anyone use Norma Match 6.5CM ammo?


Nov 19, 2013
I cant find many reports out there. Reviews on retailers all seem great, but almost all only showed groups at 100. No mention of velocity, ES, Std. Dev. etc. I found 1 write up on here that said it performed poorly, but thats a sample size of 1, so can't put much stock in that either.

Anyone have experiences/opinions?


Banned !
Jun 7, 2012
I'm the guy that did the write up here. I bought 200 rounds of the stuff. I shot a bunch of it in 2 different rifles, and the standard deviation was all over the place. One was an Accuracy International that I had borrowed, and the other was my personal rifle with a brand new barrel. Barrels came from 2 different gunsmiths as well. I also compared it to other brands of factory ammo and handloads that had reasonable SDs to make sure it wasn't an equipment setup error. (SD's of 25!)

Bad lot? I wouldn't know because Norma customer service never got back to me. I didn't follow up with them either after sending them the pictures and results from a 2nd rifle. I shot most of it in a match and did pretty poorly on stages past 700 yards with it, and I really regret buying 400rds of it without having tested it first. I had assumed that Norma/RUAG was loading it the same as Prime, and Prime has a very good reputation.

I still have a box left that I might try in a friends new rifle/barrel combo because it's from a different gunsmith as well, so it could work if the throats on the AI and my Surgeon are just not right for the ammo.