Anyone tried the new Hornady 6.5 147 ELD-M vs 140 ELD-M

Mar 24, 2014
Houston, TX
Can you comment on the time intervals for these numbers? My eight shots of the same ammo yielded a SD of 21.4; shot them one right after the other. First shot was the cold bore and I was shooting with a can.

Shot 1 2737 (cold bore)
Shot 2 2766
Shot 3 2755
Shot 4 2785
Shot 5 2761
Shot 6 2805
Shot 7 2761
Shot 8 2787

Yields avg of 2769 and SD of 21.4

24" barrel
75 degrees
29.27 station pressure
RH 77%
DA 2055
All six shots were in a 30 second to one minute time frame. Here is another series of shots with a different box of the 140s.



Son of a Son of a Sailor
Oct 8, 2014
Eagleville, TN
So the ammo doesn't shoot well or you basing it just off chrono?
I've bought two separate boxes, different lots and shot them over the last week in similar weather.

Both have grouped fine, sub-MOA but SD's of 15+ and box one averaged 2760 fps while box two yielded 2714 fps.

So I'm trying to figure out if I'm doing something wrong since others have great, consistent results.