Anyone still use reflex suppressors, Allen Engineering AE30

Jun 8, 2010
Hey guys i was just doing some research on another suppressor and was wondering if anyone uses reflex suppressors anymore, most threads i found were pretty old. i was looking at an Allen engineering AE30 for my rifle, from the older threads i read suppression was top notch on them. Just curious to see if anyone still uses them and their thoughts. any comparisons with newer suppressor technology of today, is weight the only downfall to them? this will mainly be on a bolt gun.
Jun 1, 2009
I use an OPS 12th and a GA RSTA. I got into reflex cans through the OPS. I stuck with the reflex design because I like the two point mounting system. I’m also leery of what you might call cantilevered things like single point rifle cans, Larue extended eye relief mounts and undercut riverbanks.

Doc Dater had written something years back that stuck in my mind about two point systems and alignment being maintained if the suppressor loosens some, depending on the tolerance of the mount. This is my opinion/limited experience. I’m sure others could blow my ‘logic’ apart with facts and figures but that’s my take. I’ve not had any issues with the 12th in 11 years and several thousand rounds. The RSTA I have fewer rounds through but it has the same type lockup and the same tolerance to being unscrewed slightly. YMMV.


Chris Hayes, Nashville TN
Jul 29, 2001
Nashville, Tennessee
I have an AEM5 as well. Love Ron's cans. If I had just one request, it's that he turn some out in Ti. His cans are tanks, and clearly built to withstand daily use by Joe Snuffy, but a lighter AEM5 size 30 cal that I could put on a large frame AR as well as a bolt action would be great. (think 16.5" 30 cal hunting rifle with just 4" of can hanging off the end)


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Feb 19, 2017
Buddy i shoot with has an AEM5 on a Mk12 Mod1 clone. The thing sounds amazing and has little back blast concidering it has a standard gas block and rifle buffer. Repeatability is excellent as well at the customer service. He had a small baffle strike and Ron fixed it for free with quick turnaround.

I have a Thunderbeast Ultra 7 30 cal and a Silencerco Speckwar 556 but wouldn’t feel shorted if i got an AEM5 instead of my Speckwar. (The Thunderbeast is about twice the price and for good reason)
Jan 29, 2008
I’ve been using OpsInc’s / Ron’s .22 and .30 cans since early 2000’s and they are workhorses. We have them on our duty .308 precision bolt guns and our Colt M4s and Commandos and they are still going strong. They are a little heavier than some of the cans out there now, but are very durable, have great sound attuention, are accurate and are repeatable. Quality cans and great customer service. You can’t go wrong with an AE30 on your rifle.
Jun 1, 2009
There's the standard brake and collar route or you can look at having the taper machined into your barrel and the muzzle threaded 22x1.0M. The former would be more versatile perhaps but the latter may be more solid and less 'cobbled together' for lack of a better phrase.
Feb 10, 2011
Estes Park, CO.
I’ve got a 12th model, and 3 rifles 16”,18”,20” with brake/collar. Great can for sound. Like others have said, a bit heavy- but unlike my TBAC cans I don’t worry about heat/long strings. For semi/full auto really good stuff!


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Feb 14, 2017
There's the standard brake and collar route or you can look at having the taper machined into your barrel and the muzzle threaded 22x1.0M. The former would be more versatile perhaps but the latter may be more solid and less 'cobbled together' for lack of a better phrase.
Man that sounds AWESOME to have it machined directly in the barrel...
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Jan 17, 2010
Smithville, MO
I have an OPS INC 12th model and it is OLD with tons of rounds through it.

Still quiet with nice tone. Mounts on my MK12 Mod 0, locks up tight. No issues.

Would I buy another if I needed one, Yes.

I have no experience with the .30 cal version
Jun 15, 2017
Another AEM5 (Ops 12th) owner here. Big fan of the reflex-mounted AE cans. Like others have said- built like tanks, solid/concentric lockup, and super nice quiet tone. The best customer service. Ever. Straight from the guy who makes them.

I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to buy either the AEM5-30 or AE30 along with the brake/collar combo.
Jan 31, 2012
Richmond, Texas, USA
Ive got an Ops Inc 12th model and a gen4 OSS BPR setup both for some AR's that I dumped some money into a while back. I use them when im taking new people to the range because of how much it softens the report of a .223 round and they are both 10x scoped rifles so we used them to shoot further away. It helps people who are new do it a lot easier.

They themselves just work. The ops inc is still to this day the quietest 556 can ive ever shot and the mount is so rock solid id bet my life on it. And the rifle it is on is a tack driver.

The OSS, i love that just as much, its reflexes 5" back over the barrel. the whole overall can is like some ridiculous 10 or 11 inch dong and barely adds 5 inches to the rifle. Its rock solid to. Ive got it on a 18" barrel 556 and have never had any accuracy issues what so ever. It as a suppressor is very nice. the way the can is designed to reduce blow back makes it probably the best 1st timers can ive ever used with anyone. I took my cousin out who had never shot ARs befor and in 4 rounds he was ringing a 6" plate at almost 800 yards.

I wish Surefire still made their reflex can.. that is one that I would love to have owned, AAC used to make a reflex style can as well. It was also a good can for guys that were running AR15s.

I plan on trying out some of the Griffin Armament OTB suppressors soon.
Oct 14, 2005
If you really want a Surefire FA556AR-BK (M4FA) contact me. If you aren’t in WA or Texas you’d need two stamps to get it though. I have muzzle devices also.