Anyone else have issues with carbon on their threads?

Sep 16, 2009
College Station, Tx
Namely on my 338p-1, refitted with ultra guts and using ba mounts. I have to make sure to remove and install the can with the muzzle down or carbon will get knocked off the brake and blast chamber and stick in the threads.
It wouldn't be a big deal if it weren't for the can feeling like it's fully seated but it's not because of the carbon. I've had to put witness marks on the can and brakes to make sure it's actually seated against the taper.
This is on a SRS shooting 308, 6.5, 300wm and 338lm with varget, h4350, h1000 and retumbo. I know h1000 is dirty but I'm getting this shooting varget and h4350 exclusively as well.
I use high-temp anti-seize to keep the carbon out when shooting. I just got in the habit of keeping the muzzle down when removing my suppressor, brush clean then re-lube before putting the thread protector on. This leaves enough anti-seize on the clean threads for the next time I use the can.
I always used antisieze with it direct threaded But with the brake it just gave the carbon bits something to stick to. I've been putting a few drops of oil on the threads since.
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