Any experience with a YHM 7.62 Ultra Light Tactical (ULT)?


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Jun 8, 2008
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My dad is looking to buy a suppressor. He is not a LR shooter or mounting the suppressor on a MOA rifle. I only own TBAC suppressors and that was my first recommendation to him, but looking at full retail the Ultra 7s are $1100. Seems overkill for a Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle. Additionally, buying a suppressor is a confusing process to him. I would really like for him to do it thru SilencerShop b/c they make it very easy so buying a cert from the secondary market will only complicate the process.

The YHM 7.62 Ultra Light Tactical (ULT) looks like a great deal on SilencerShop. $600 and comes with two brake adapters. I'm just wary of the QD mounting system. Anybody have any experience, good or bad, with their suppressors and this mounting system?

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Feb 13, 2017
I run the YHM LT in 7.62 with the QD. it is a solid locking system. very audible so make sure it is either on or off if you need to be quiet somewhere. Other than that which isn't an issue to me, its a solid suppressor and I love it. I just wish that I would have went with the M2 phantom so it could handle the larger 7.62 rounds. I don't know why YHM doesn't get any love on here but they are great suppressors.
Nov 10, 2009
I have an ULT too. Love it. I'm a big fan of the YHM QD mounting system. I actually use the YHM QD mount and mounting system on an Omega because i prefer it over the ASR that Silencerco uses. The ult is a great hunting can. Just know that it is limited to 308 and under and also "limited" full auto, which shouldn't be too much of an issue unless you are doing mag dumps.

Even with the new discount on the ULT's the YHM Resonator may be a better buy. It's cheaper, completely full auto rated, and rated up through 300 RUM. And only 3 ounces heavier.
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Jun 26, 2003
While I don't have the ULT model, I have several other models that use the same QD mounting system. I've never had an issue with it coming loose or off. I've over tightened it on occasion and had to use a pair of pliers or screwdriver to push back the locking ring so the teeth would disengage at the range, or I would just bring it home and let it bring the QD mount off the rifle, thereby I could just put the QD mount in a vice and then take the suppressor off. This is very rare, I think I've had it happen three times in the last 10 or 12 years that I've owned a YHM can.

I've had great success with them and use them on my precision rifles too with no ill effects. Usually the groups get better.
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Mar 6, 2017
IMO, the best QD mounting system out there. My 7,62 Phantom Ti has never come loose on any rifle I've had it on. I'm buying an adaptor for my new Omega to use the YHM QD system.
How do you like the Phantom? I bought one (direct thread version) that I'll hopefully have in hand within the next two months.