Any December matches, Western preferred

Peter Laurvick

‘Merica! 🇺🇸
Jul 4, 2017
Yuma, AZ
Hey there. I am looking for any info on matches in December. Pretty much anytime except the first weekend.

Im in southern Arizona but have reasons to travel pretty much anywhere up the west coast and possibly east a ways. It has to be during that time because I’ll be overseas until late next year after that. I saw one PRS match in Oklahoma but I’d have no reason to go there other than that match.

Id Be Shooting a sub-MOA 6.5 Grendel Gas Gun.

Any Leads?

Thank you
Jan 4, 2012
AZLRPS is starting their monthly matches again as of this month. They are moved to Cowtown in North Phoenix. The first match is tomorrow. Check-in from 0730 to 0745, and match starts at 0800 rain or shine. Matches will be each month moving forward as I understand it. Match fee is $30 and they ask that you bring the exact amount. The course of fire is 60 rounds.
Nov 11, 2013
Casa Grande AZ
Theirs a match scheduled for 12/2 as well. Their using pratiscore for registration and to post scores. I think theirs another match scheduled Thanksgiving weekend with NAZPRS in Wikiup at Big Sandy