Any Civil War buffs here?


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Nov 11, 2018
BC, Canada
Some might find this quite interesting.

Two years ago my grandmother gets a phone call from a small church down in the US. They asked us if we were related to a Judson Clark. My grandmother does a lot of Genealogy and they had found her through one of his family trees she put online. They informed us that they collect book donations to sell them to raise money and inside a bible was this piece of paper. It was Judson Clark's discharge papers from the Civil War.

He was a volunteer in the 1st Colorado Cavalry. Now sadly they were the same ones that committed the Sand Creek Massacre. I would hope though my ancestor was moral enough not to take part. Wishful thinking though.

The other cool thing is the gun in that photo was carried by Judson Clark through the Civil War. It is an 1851 Colt Navy that has been passed through my family.

Click the link below to see a high res scan of the discharge papers if you want to read them.

The Civil War relic is the one on top and the bottom is my modern reproduction by Uberti.