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Dec 15, 2017
Hey guys looking for suggestions for an always on, ready to go red dot. I don't want to have to fumble with powering something up. I'm in the process of building a dedicated home defense rifle. I've always ran rifle sights, so pretty much 0 experience with red dots. Looking at red dot so the wife or daughters can pick it up and be very proficient with it, and I like the ability it provides for rapid target aquisition. There are quite a few on the market with a huge verience in prices. Not afraid to spend the money if it's justified. I've watched almost every Youtube video I can stomach, now ready for your suggestions. Thanks guys. Wasn't sure where to put this thread. I thought I'd get a better home defense crowd here rather than the optics thread.
Dec 15, 2017
So far the Aimpoint T2 seems to be the best on the market. The Trijicon MRO a close second. I wanted to like the Vortex stuff but it seems they all have a auto off function after 6 hours. Leupold Delta Point was sweet but the limited mounts available for it steer me away.
Feb 10, 2017
Tuscaloosa, AL
Basically anything made by Aimpoint, just pick whichever one you like best. The Trijicon MRO looks good too. Red dots are great close range optics, you and yours will benefit from them UNLESS y’all’s eyes don’t play well with the dot.

In that case, look at a Trijicon ACOG 1.5x16 or x20, OR a nice 1-x powered optic with a wide FOV.
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Feb 13, 2017
Just to support the other recommendations Aimpoint.

Either T1/T2 or maybe the new comp M5s.

I have a PRO that has been on for the past 4 years and still glowing.


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Mar 1, 2013
To be honest, the Aimpoint is the only choice if you intend to bet your life on it. There are many others that are fantastic for competition and range.


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Feb 15, 2017
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Aimpoint PRO if you're on a budget, but I'd wait for a sale by American Defense Manufacturing to get the package with the high mount. I prefer to run a 1/3 height co-witness and the QRP2 mount that comes with the PRO is too low for that (higher than co-witness but under 1/3)- the sale price is equivalent for optic + mount vs. optic with standard QRP2 mount

the window is larger on the PRO, but that also occludes more of my peripheral vision but my wife prefers it

I'd recommend the Aimpoint H2 or H1 over the PRO if budget allows (with a high mount from ADM if possible from their website on a sale). Basically 98% of the T1/T2 optic AND without the night vision capability. Saves some $$ though,

The Aimpoint Micro series (H1/2 or T1/2) are also significantly lighter which might matter to a woman or child.

skip all the Holosun, Primary Arms, Vortex, etc.

Aimpoint H, T, PRO, M are the way to go.

The Trijicon MRO should be a good alternative as well. I've used them but only owned Aimpoints and would stick with Aimpoint.

Not to start a bar room brawl, but I'd also recommend a Larue tall mount LT660 for the Micros. I don't believe the crap spewed about the mechanism damaging rails given that I've been using them for years without issue as have MANY people I've known to use/own them

Would NOT recommend the Larue vertical split rings for rifle scopes at all.

skip the Scalarworks mounts

I am a huge fan of QD for carbine optics (not the same as a long range precision rifle). changing environments quickly (A/C car to hot day), rain, dead batteries... stuff happens and if it happens at the wrong time it's VERY important to be able to remove the optic quickly without tools and use the iron sights which should always be on a defensive rifle. a dropped rifle with cracked lenses on the optic means you can't even look though the optic to use/see your irons

use your red dot sight in the rain and you'll realize how important it is

just as a side note, make sure your rifle is setup in a manner that THEY can use it. where the VFG isn't so far out that they're struggling, where the light is placed that activation is easy for their arm length, physical strength

people ask me why my front sight on my carbine is so close to the middle of the carbine just in front of the receiver instead of closer to the muzzle. well, the light on the top of the rail in front of the front sight would be too far out for my wife or son to reach given my arm length, so I keep the VFG, front sight and light tighter in so anyone can use it with little effort (30 minute fitting for both of them)

yes, it affects my performance with it, but it's primarily intended for "length of hallway" distances and every shooter in the family being able to operate it easily > me operating it better at field distances

yes, they each have their own defensive setups, but having standardization means everyone can use everyone els equipment and is familiar with it

I have a non defense rifle set up for "me"


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Jul 29, 2001
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we run an aimpoint PRO on my wifes RECCE and its been very, very good. I recently tried a Sig Romeo3 on an SBR, trying to keep everything light/compact. So far, so good. It's doesn't seem as robust as the Leupold Halo type with the steel surround, and doesn't have the ease of dot brightness like the MRO or T2 (I like the wheels more than buttons) but out of the box it worked fine for me and I have astigmatism. Time will tell on the battery. 8 months so far and it can be changed without discounting the unit.
Dec 15, 2017
Thanks guys! Got my hands on a bunch of different sights Friday. It's going to come down to either the Aimpoint PRO or Trijicon MRO. Definitely be going through ADM for either one.
And thanks for the advice on setting the rifle up for them to be able to reach all the accessories!


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Feb 18, 2017
Fayetteville, Arkansas
As everyone else has said, Aimpoint is the way to go. I use the comp series for the larger tube. I keep thinking about moving to the micros but worry it will be harder to pick up the dot in non standard shooting positions.
Mar 16, 2017
Skagit Valley, WA
Yup Aimpoint as others said. I didn't like the one MRO I used, the image was clear but shifted so trying to shoot with both eyes open was like having double vision.

For an economical alternative to the Aimpoint T1/H1 series, the Primary Arms MD-ADS or Holosun equivalent work pretty well and also have great battery life so they can be left on all the time. I have a couple and just change the battery once per year.
Dec 15, 2017
Hey guys, just an update. I ended up pulling the trigger on the Trijicon MRO. I got it from LaRue though. They had a damn good sale with the QD mount. Thanks guys


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Feb 17, 2017
Now we’ll see it on sale in the optics section, or trade for an Aimpoint before too long. 😉