AICS Mags and TAB Gear Sling

Jun 4, 2013
Poulsbo, WA
I have 2 ea 5 Rd AICS Mags and 1 ea 10 Rd AICS mags with the front spacer removed and the holes filled. They are filled with JB Weld and have worked great for 5ish years. I would like $40 ea for the 5 Rd and $55 for the 10 Rd. If you buy them all I will ship for free, else actual shipping charges.

I also have a like new Tab gear sling with a QD on the back and a swivel sling on the front. I would like $45 shipped.

I will take PayPal +1.5%, PayPal Friends or MO.

IMG_20180414_104024343.jpg IMG_20180414_103804580.jpg