AI thumb rest install question


Gunny Sergeant
How are you guys that have installed this thumb rest removed the flush cup hex screw. Mine was so tight i tried a heat gun and still cannot budge it. Its now ringing out due to it being so soft and will most likely require drilling out now. Something seemingly so easy is causing me issues. Just wondering if anyone else had trouble with this one bolt. its a real pain


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Feb 28, 2013
Las Vegas, Nv
I’m sorry that happened to you. I installed mine in like 7 minutes.
My buddy shot mine and liked it so much he bought 2 on the spot. All three went in perfect.
Damn the luck brother.


Gunny Sergeant
This is my second AI rifle this has happened with. The pre 14 AX i had I could nto move this same bolt, but didnt push it to stripping as I sold the rifle beforehand and just included the thumb rest.

So the choice becomes the JB weld method or the drill and tap method


Feb 22, 2013
Milwaukee, WI
@beenjammin sorry I just saw this thread, I must've missed it in the feed. Glad you got it figured out, sucks that it was so dang tight/loctite'd from the factory. I had a similar experience removing the factory front QD mounts on the AT to remove the bipod block. I've had some success with using the tip of a soldering iron for a few seconds on the head of the screw - that seems to melt the Loctite.

The other trick I've done for the thumb rest install on the AT is holding the flush cup with a pliers or channel lock so it doesn't turn with the screw as you try to loosen it.

Thanks again for your business, feel free to shoot me a PM if you ever have any other issues, questions or suggestions!