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Feb 22, 2013
Milwaukee, WI
Any chance this will work on a pre-2014 AICS AX? Buttstock folds to the left side but I want the rest on the right.
It will work. The Pre-14 AX chassis looks to be the same as the current AT.

Here are is model compatibility for the thumb rest:
- AE MK I/II/III, and original AICS chassis : thumb rest will NOT work
- AW : thumb rest will NOT work

- AT and ATAICS : thumb rest will work on folding stock variants only
---> EDIT: Looking at AI's website, the 223 and 308 ATAICS fixed-stock variants will not work. However, the long action 300WM and 338 fixed-stocks will work, as those have the flush cups installed.

- Pre-14 AX and AXAICS : thumb rest will work (not sure about non-folders, I would need pictures to confirm)
- Current AX308, AXMC, and AXAICS : thumb rest will work (also not sure about non-folders)

All compatible variants will be offered in RH and LH.
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Feb 22, 2013
Milwaukee, WI
Dang... won’t work on a fixed AIAT. Thats a bummer. Good product regardless.
Unfortunately AI decided not to put their factory flush cups located within the grip skins (like they have on the folding versions). If one was willing to do permanent modifications to their rifle, they could drill a hole through the chassis in that location and replicate the flush cup of the folding AT, thus allowing the thumb rest to work. Extreme, I know, but technically it would be possible.
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Jan 19, 2011
This is great! My Manners T4 and buddy's KRG Whiskey had AWESOME thumb holders compared to my AT and it was something I always thought the AT was lacking.

Count me in for an AT and thank you for developing this👍
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