Accessing the Training Videos


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Apr 12, 2001
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Accessing the Online Training Videos

Members who have upgraded to an Online Training Account, you access the lessons in the forum.

Online Training Forum Section

The Upgrade gives you access to this private forum section. The permissions are handled by the Pay Pal Account when you signed up, if you cannot access the lessons or the forum section check to see if the payment was via an eCheck. eChecks through Pay Pal take about a week to clear and they will not authorize the permissions until the eCheck clears them. Other issues include trying to access the section before the permissions are set, or trying to upgrade before we have manually authorized your membership. We manually authorize memberships several times a day.

The training videos are not YouTube videos and currently, due to the proprietary video system we use, full screen is not working on the desktop, only on your phones. The training section is phone friendly. We had to custom port the videos to work using this software, so not all features work.

Here is a sample video