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Jan 28, 2018
Perth ,Western Australia
Hi Guys
I have been in and out of shooting sports , hunting since i can remember, from being a young 6 year old chasing rabbits on our property with a 22LR lever action, than stepping up to my firs real gun at 12 , a Remington 700 BDL in 3006 , and use to chase pigs around with that thing
through my 20s and 30s shooting was a on again off again thing ,, Depending where i lived , if i was near a range i would get back into F-class or 500M fly shooting , there was a long 6 year break until last year.
Unfortunately Heartbreak has lead me back into shooting.
On the 23rd of June last year my father passed from a sudden unexpected heart attack, pretty much my only shooting i would do was when i would go and visit mum and dad at the farm , would catch up and chat than head to the range to see who was better :)
With his passing he left me his Rifles and shotgun
BR50 22lr benchrest thin shoots lasers
CZ455 Tacticool 22lr
a 12 Gauge under and over to shoot clays
a fuly tuned Walther LGU .17 air rifle
I have been back into it shooting small bore bench and sporting clays and indoor Air rifle but the big BANG has called me back
Being a machinist and having the tooling still from back in my F-class days to work on 700 Actions i just got one (waiting for the licence to come through)
I know there is much better bases to start from these days ,, but tinkering fixing and modding is my most favourite part of the sport :)
So i got the cheapest one i can find :) a 700 ADL in 6.5creedmoor
I will be working up some loads on the Basic rifle and seeing how bad it shoots LOL , than doing my best to make it better
Pretty much what i just did with dads CZ455 TactiPOOOOOO as i called it as it woulndt shoot 2 inch groups at 50M
I pillar bedded it , shaped the pin , done the trigger (8OZ) than a Full Devcon 10110 bed and Atlaswrx bottom metal
shoots lasers now
5 shot Group at 50M with Federal Hunter Match

So im pretty happy with that
look forward to asking questions and sharing my build of my 700
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