A movie so dark, people walked out of the theater- Uma Thermon - the house that jack built


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Mar 24, 2006
I read it scheduled to be released in the US theater in the Fall 2018 sometime .
Critics are there to criticize . My guess is the Film will in time, turn to be a Murder kill classic similar to the early 90's Oliver Stone ( Born Killers ) with Woody Harilson, which was also torn apart by critics back then . So you got to say sometimes ... " screw the Critics" .

The trailer looks to be just teasing/Hiding of the actual 'shock value' scenes that are truly there to be watched of the main character . It is Billed as ( physiological Horror/thriller ) and from watching the Trailer, looks to be 1st person view of the everyday life of a serial killer . So the film definitely looks to be be a pretty 'violent' NON Political Correct and void of fluffy unicorns and marshmallow dreams .
I don't really care much for Uma, But Matt Dillon is usally pretty Solid . so I WILL be watching for it for sure on the Home Streaming and might even go down the street and catch in a Theater on a weekday night for the full affect .
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Jan 27, 2018
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Most people will watch it on video in their homes because what kind of creep would go the theater to see it? So all the women and fags at Cannes had to virtual signal one another.

I bet it makes a nice profit.

The director makes these definitely arty European movies but he strips things down, very simple productions, no pretenses or bullshit. Good to have a whiskey and concentrate, it's not Quentin Tarintino bullshit.


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Oct 1, 2005
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I doubt this will be any more darkly disturbing than Antichrist was.
More than likely it has some message to get across that he feels needs to be told. Just an Nymphomaniac was all about sex while not being a "sexy" movie.
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