6x47 Lapua custom Ruger American MDT


Gunny Sergeant
Feb 20, 2018
Ruger American 6x47 Lapua
Have a Ruger American Rife custom chambered by Brad Hiskey in 6x47 Lapua.
It's an accurate rifle and will be a great rifle for the next owner.
Can confidently say it is good for at a minimum 1500 rounds. It has been a great rifle for the several matches I have shot with it. I did lighten the trigger and removed the Ruger trigger safety as well and it breaks crisp and light.

22.5" X-Caliber - Remington Sporter Magnum Contour - 1:7 5R - 1064 rounds documented - HBN coating has been used from the first round fired.
20MOA Scope Base Rail.
Glades Armory Bolt Knob.
Custom Timed Break.

MDT LSS Chassis.
Fab defense grip.
Magpul CTR stock with cheek riser.

Also included:
Over 200 pieces of original neck turned brass that has been annealed after every firing using an Annie Induction annealer.
30 loaded rounds with load data included - 115gr Sierra SMK - H4350 - CCI 450.
160 Ready to load - Sized, primed - CCI 450 Primers.

$740 shipped


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