6.5x55 barrel length for Precision rifle

May 23, 2009
Currently I have a semi custom tikka sporter in 6.5x55. The barrel had been cut down to 16”. I’m obviously sacrificing a bit of speed in this configuration especial with 140gr and 142gr.

I’m thinking of rebarrelling, how long should I go. My plan is to be able to shoot some local precision matches. Some bars cases but not a ton. I don’t shoot suppressed, so that extralength isn’t an issue.

What are your thoughts 22”,24”,26”??
Apr 17, 2013
My experience is drawn from my previous Sauer 200 STR with a 29,2" barrel which I also had threaded for a suppressor. That rifle was long and not something I would use for PRS type shooting. It was used for prone position, precision shooting and it was great.
It had no problems shooting 139 grain Scenars at 2975fps, and I was a bit below maximum powder charge. I shot the smallest group I have ever shot with that rifle, the group measured slightly above 4mm, at 100 meters.
To keep things more practical, I would actually go down to 26", but never below that, for the 6,5x55 Swede.