6.5 PRC vs 270 WSM

Nov 24, 2013
I am in the planning stages of a future build, and I've been planning on going with 6.5 PRC but recently had a brain fart and started considering 270 WSM. The intent for this rifle is to be a general-purpose hunter/target gun, and in that, one of my criteria is the availability of factory ammo (if not at Wal*Mart, then at least at Cabela's, etc...). What I have so far for the build is a T3 action that was originally chambered in 30-06; so for either option here, I'd be looking at opening the bolt face. Because the T3 action is limited in terms of OAL for true LA rounds, I'm really wanting to stay with a short/medium length cartridge.

In any event, the idea is to go with a 26" fast twist carbon fiber barrel, and this is where I start running into issues; Proof offers 6.5 barrels in appropriate twist rates, but the only twist rate they offer in the .277 bore is a 10-twist, which is too slow for the projectiles that I want to hand load (the Berger 170 EOL). The good news is that Carbonsix offers 277 barrels in anywhere from a 7- to a 10-twist (at least according to their website); unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a lot of info out there regarding how well the Carbonsix barrels perform, so this is kind of an unknown for me. The other question that I have regarding the 270 WSM is that there seems to be all of one slippery hunting projectile available in the Berger EOL... and if I either can't find a load that will shoot or run into availability problems, I'm stuck with lower-performing projectiles.

The main thing that got me thinking about the 270 WSM is the question of factory ammo availability... which is more likely to be on the shelves at Cabela's, a WSM load of some flavor (obviously not utilizing the EOL projectile; I'm thinking worst case, like, I left town for a hunting trip and forgot my ammo, so I need to find *something* to be able to shoot), or 6.5 PRC?
Oct 22, 2017
NE Oregon
If you are really wanting a factory ammo option I don't know that you will have that with the 270wsm and Berger EOL. However, the 6.5prc with the 147eld is a factory option. Also the 147eld has a higher BC than the 170eol and both cartridges should be close in muzzle velocity.
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