6.5 Creedmoor load development

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Rookie re-loader and sub amateur PRS shooter so don't expect too much. Looking for input and ideas of where you might go next. All were 100 yards / 3 round groups except for the one with the note of extra 4th round loaded (by mistake). I plan to explore the 43.5 to 44.1+ charge weights and see if the groups will duplicate with 5 or so rounds at smaller charge intervals.

6.5 CM 26" barrel
once fired Prime brass
CCI 200
Berger 130gr VLD
.005 OTL
Brass prep was full length shoulder bump 2 thou. with type S neck bushing and mandrel

Any pressure signs at the upper load ranges?

If not, I like the 43.8 load as it falls pretty much in the middle of what I would call a node. I would want to be certain I'm not pushing too hard though. Good Luck,

There were no pressure signs. Primers on the highest charges looked the same as the lowest charges. No extractor marks or pressure rings at the webbing.


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My 6.5 Creedmoor has always been happy shooting the 130VLD well off the lands and ahead of 44 grains H4350 in Hornady brass.
I see no pressure there but you should be prudent and work up.


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Also, when I work up loads I try to stay away from those that display much vertical dispersion.
But yours may be cured by experimenting with seating depth.
At 2900fps you are really looking at premature barrel replacement. You are better off in the 2700fps range.
I suppose it depends what you would call premature? I'm playing in the PRS game which means replacing barrels.

For reference the gun really likes PRIME 130s at 2925 fps.

Thanks for the advice everyone. It will be a week or two before I can do another round of load development.
I was able to get out again last weekend for a bit more load development. I dropped down to 0.2 grain spread and also shot 5 round groups this time. Again no pressure signs.

I wasn't sure where to go the best groups being a pretty high charge so I discussed the results with my rifle builder. He has recommended a few changes for the next round.

Ya somewhere between 43.6-44 is gonna be spot on.

Might have to fiddle with seating depth or just pick a compromise load between small group/small es and sd check it when it’s cold and when it’s hot (outside air temp) might have to adjust it by a tenth if you wanna get picky.

If these are safe in your rifle
yes, 43.8 looks like it could be good if you play with seating depth. based on your original pic i'd also look at 42.3-42.6. There is only 5fps between the two and they both chroned great. Definitely a flat spot there.
What Darkside said.
On the first set of targets, 42.3-42.6 is a definite node, with excellent SD and ES on both sides of it.
On the second set, looks like your upper node is between 43.7 and 43.9.
I can't blame you for chasing the higher node, but the lower one looks like it could be a bit more forgiving.

From here that brass looks pretty damn good, but I've noticed that you sometimes have to hold it at just the right angle to see the slightest extractor marks. Even so, that would be just the very slightest pressure sign and not worth worrying about.
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