6.5 Creedmoor for hunting

Feb 27, 2013
Columbia, SC
I’m looking to buy hunting ammo instead of reload. I just don’t have the time like I used to. I have been shooting the 130gr Norma Match ammo and it’s light out for my rifle. Has anyone shot the 130gr Norma Hunting ammo shooting the swift Scirocco bullets? Has anyone shot the Federal ammo loaded with the 130gr Accubonds? Thanks!
Feb 10, 2006
The last couple years I've been using the 6.5 CM for Mulies and Antelope. The Hornady 143 EDL-X are deadly, (637 yards have been my farthest kills with this bullet. Great for long range hunting but to be honest, I thank they are a bit over kill.

I havent decided yet whether to use them on elk or go back to my Model 70 270 Win. I'm gonna skip the 6.5 for deer and antelope this year going back to my Model 70 257 Roberts.

I'm sort of (big time) a Model 70 fan. I'm looking at picking up a Model 70 Super Grade in 6.5 CM, if I do in time, I'll back track and use it for everything come fall.

I love the 6.5 CM but I want a Winchester.
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