34 mm rings

Feb 15, 2017
There’s some posts in vortex down about rings, but moral of the story and what I learned was stay away from nonhinged vert. Split rings. I bought a athlon non btr crotus from on here a month ago. I like it, parallax is too fine to love, but is a nice scope for the money I spent. It currently is sitting in a adm vert ring mount.
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Jan 15, 2014
Cedar Springs, MI
I've used several sets of NF Titanium rings and one set of Burris. The Nightforce rings are great and even after 5+ years of on/off scope bases, the torque nuts are literally perfect (no marring/galling). Can't say the the same for the other sets I've run.
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Feb 13, 2017
Vancouver, WA
It's a screw design and the ring clamps around the entire scope, imo reducing the chance of slippage. It also does not make ring marks. However the real big deal is ease of install. Once your scope is leveled, you just torque 2 screws instead of 8. Quick, easy and yo don't have to dick with getting your Caps even and torque stacking. I have other rings but anything I buy in he future will be ARC. It just makes the process too easy and is some great engineering.


Mastery: its difficult for a reason....
Jan 15, 2014
Cedar Springs, MI
+1 on the badger or NF rings
+2 on NF or Badger. Regarding uni mounts, really depends on your needs. If using optic on multiple rifles, some good QD mounts are helpful for tooless install. Otherwise it really comes down to weight and looks. If you are very tall or using optic that requires long eye relief, cantilever mounts could be helpful to get proper position. Personally, I've not found a need for them with any of my scopes.
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Mar 8, 2005
Tacoma, WA
Another +1 for ARC.... the reason why others aren't recommending them is likely because they haven't used them before or because they are stupid expensive. If you don't like the ARC rings, I would highly recommend APA rings, NF, and then Seekins (in that order).
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Feb 28, 2013
I personally am running a Spuhr Mount on my GAP 10, Spuhr rings on my A.I. And a ARC mount on a 7.62 gasser. Love every one of them in the role they fill. I will say, and I mentioned this to a buddy, the ARC rinds are silly easy to torque correctly. They don’t slip and cause your scope to move. They are amazingly simple. I would run them again without question. Spuhr has been my go to, but ARC are fantastic.
Feb 14, 2017
DC Area, MD
I’ve run Spuhr mounts in the past, but I’m over the cost of entry if you can’t find a deal on one (and aesthetically, they’re ugly). I currently run RRS and Badger unimounts, and was happy with NF unimounts in the past. I have an ARC unimount sitting unused right now, but it’s probably the easiest setup to use that I’ve owned. I couldn’t quite see the level too well last time I had it mounted up on a rifle though.
Mar 31, 2012
Seekins for me -- those I have used have been flawless.

And they hold very well without marking the scope.

Also very reasonably priced compared to other options, especially considering the quality.
Jul 1, 2012
Philadelphia suburbs
Seekins or Vortex Precision Matched (same rings with different branding).
RRS one piece
Spuhr (rings or ISMS one piece)
AI one piece

Lots of good choices out there.

I'm debating trying a set of UTG Pro rings for my next set of medium or high rings.
For some reason they don't make them in low profile.
Made in the USA and they look like a good design.
I know some SH members are groaning now but from the perspective of this machinist they look good and they're only around $60.

I also just saw Warne is now making decent horizontally split rings (called Mountain Tech, stay away from their vertically split rings) and their low 34mm ring is almost 1/32" taller than some other popular low 34mm rings. I've had applications where Seekins low 34mm rings put the scope cap uncomfortably close to the barrel and an extra .025" (actual difference between Seekins and these Warne rings) would have been enough.
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