.308 CSR Surgeon Scalpel Rifle *Final price drop


Aug 23, 2013
North Carolina
Welp, just like a lot of us, hate to have to do this. Engaged now and need some money for this destination wedding "we're" planning.

As the title says, Selling my .308 CSR Surgeon Rifle.


Surgeon Scalpel Rifle - CSR
Surgeon Short Repeater action, Model 591 w/tactical knob (smooth like butter)
Krieger #14 16" Barrel w/PSR Brake
Accuracy International AX Stock (Pale Brown) w/ 2 10 rd. AI Magazine
Jewell Trigger factory set at 2.5 lbs
Cerakote metal Pale Brown
Nightforce ATACR in Mils with Seekins rings
Includes bipod
Also comes with 3 AI mags, a 5 round, and 2 10 round magazines.
A pelican case as well.

This rifle was built by Surgeon has about 1100 rounds down range. She is a true shooter with the short 16" barrel. Best load so far has been using 175g Nosler custom comp with 44g of Varget.

Asking $5900 OBO plus shipping to your FFL, this is a great deal. Worth around $9000

Also selling my PVS 22's as well. No issues with them at all. Just an amazing combo. Due to the price and needing to fund this wedding soon. I'll knock off $500 if someone purchases both. Posted on multiple forums just FYI.

Details on PVS-22's

OSTI (FLIR) AN/PVS-22 UNS Clip on Gen3 Pinnacle Tube
Crystal clear tube about 2 hours of use on them.

Thanks for your time and interest.

Here is a link that Recoil Magazine did on it: https://www.recoilweb.com/preview-surgeon-rifles-csr-35565.html
Here is a youtube on the gun as well:
go to 3:10 for the .308 version one.


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