308 bullets for 18" ar10


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Feb 21, 2018
Laurel, MS
Im about to swap in a JP 18” 308 1”11.25 twist barrel in my 3 gun rifle. It now has a pencil barrel in it now that’s 2MOA at best but really 4-6moa with bulk factory ammo so the JP should be a serious upgrade. My other JP barrels are lasers.

I will be loading some bulk blasting ammo for it so looking for recommendations on a soft shooting recipe. ZQI has been inconsistent blasting junk, but I did just crack open a box of Freedom munitions 147fmj that might fit the bill without reloading.

For longer range I want to try to make it actually good enough for a DMR match. So I plan on up to 800yds with some precision. Playing with steel at 1000yds would be neat, but not really useful. The bullets I am looking at are:

155, 168, and 185 Berger Hybrid
155 , 168, and 178 Hornady ELD-Match
155, 168, and 175 Sierra Tipped Match King.

So out of the above which should I pick? Must fit and work at AR10 magazine length (2.84”). Want MOA performance to 600yds. A quick A.B. test seems to show the 155-168’s all have about the same elevation drop to 1000 once adjusting for velocity. The 175-185’s were all much worse for elevation, but much better in the wind. Velocity wise the Bergers and Hornadys are ALL going about the same speed at 600yds. From there the 178ELDM and 185Hybrid leave the rest. The Sierra’s seem to be just a tad worse than their counterparts for wind and elevation across the board so I lean more towards the Bergers and Hornadies.

The 185 Hybrid might be too long for magazine length, plus I bet its shape would end up with 0.100” is jump to the lands. Price wise I would guess the 155’s of any brand are most appealing.


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Jun 11, 2010
Hill Country of Texas
155 IMO, I ran 175 and while they worked and went into small groups, beyond 400 they were out of gas and at mercy of the wind. 155's have been a better blend of speed and LR performance than the 175 for my rig.
Oct 8, 2012
How are the 155’s working for you? I have an 18” bolt gun and loaded up some Hornady 168 Match and they’re going about 2539FPS with a can. According AB they go transonic around 955yds. I’ve always heard the issues with the 168 SMK’s is not being stable while going transonic and I would suspect anything different from the Hornady Match’s.

Trying to figure out if going heavier or lighter is the way to go.