30 cal can on a magnum


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I’ve been meaning to call huntertown about my can to see if I can run it on my 300 win mag but forgot this past week.

The main reason I ask is because they make a “308” (which I own) and a “300 wm” suppressor.

Would it really overpressure and cause failure in the suppressor, or is there just a different design to the 300 wm suppressor that makes it more effective?

Curious if anyone has asked this of a manufacturer before? I won’t hold you to your answer without calling them, but I’m really curious to know.
It has to do with the construction of the can and it being able to withstand those pressures while firing. I have a Rugged Surge and it’s rated for 300 RUM, but it’s a tank, high is probably how it can handle the pressure.
I may be mistaken but IIRC Huntertown has either closed up or is in that process? This came from another forum. I have no contact or experience with them.


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Yea wouldn’t surprise me, there’s a lot of nicer cans on the market. It was $600 so I didn’t break the bank on it and it’s a good rugged can, just wanted to know it’s limits