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Nov 25, 2006
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Obviously I am interested in this bullet by posting/following this thread. Not sure why i need to spend my own money to have interest in shooting one in the first place. Im not going to be the test dummy here. But I'll gladly chamber one of these once everyone else has spent money to have more data than is currently available. My original post asked if anyone had burnt out a barrel and what their findings were. Then everyone like yourself got E tough and started bashing me. Not sure what makes you qualified to weigh in on the subject. If you have shot this caliber and burnt a barrel out please report your findings. If not then please crawl back in your hole and keep your mouth shut.
Then quit asking people to do the work for you or tell somebody how to run their business and R&D. Do the fucking math yourself. My last .257 was a bartlein and it went over 1700 shooting 120s over 3200 fps. I didn't shoot it out. I replaced it with a 1:7 for this bullet and I will probably retire it before it is shot out as well. We don't really shoot a barrel out we retire them long before they even get to one moa accuracy. The average hunter can take our retired barrels and use them just fine for life. Besides, most you people waste too much time and resources working up what amounts to just a respectable load. So, I get 1500 out of this 1:7 and report that and it is going to help you how in making a fucking decision on your own? Null. Anyway, I'm too busy shooting and reloading 224, 244, 257, 264, 308, and 300 H&H to report back to somebody waiting to buy a particular bullet. You still haven't answered what is a 6.25 ???

Here maybe this will help...


Look at the 25-06 overbore region and compare it to the .243 Win.

And more info here...


Is there anything else we can do for you?
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Feb 10, 2017
Damn, I relax for one night and we have a bunch of excitement? Who was drinking, lol?

Sarcasm aside, I don't think I've seen anyone who has said they'e over 800 on a fast twist quarterbore with Blackjacks yet. But, I think this is going to exceed 6mm barrel life by a decent margin, at least in comparable cartridges shooting the same discipline and considered "burnt out" at the same accuracy standard.

If you're that worried about barrel life coming from a 6.5, please don't do it because it will probably be worse.

If you want reports, I'll make them when I start shooting, but you'll have to wait. I'm a college student and I expect to put about 1000 on my barrel this coming year, but even that may be optimistic.

I think @Sheldon N has it right. This is attractive to guys who like the ballistic advantage. While they were chasing it with 6mm's, now they can be better ballistically AND have better barrel life. The low-recoil BR guys will stay away from anything bigger than 6mm and in my opinion some may go the other way and go to 22 cal variants. Only time will tell.

If you want to hop on the 25 train, please do. If you don't want to be one of the first because you're risk-adverse, that's fine too. More Blackjacks for me! :sneaky:


Oct 27, 2012
omg such a great post. Why didn't I think of that?

Sarcasm over, when someone burns out some barrels in a PRS setting please let me know how long they lasted. I would think that if someone put this much time and energy into designing something, they would have already burnt out a barrel or two themselves before releasing this to the public. I guess its cheaper if customers figure it out themsleves and just report back.

I realise that being 6.25 it would probably last longer than a 6mm and less than a 6.5, but running 130s as fast as this is I have concerns if it will get anymore life than a 6mm.
I'm not going to get in an argument over this but I'll say my peace and move on.

You are missing a very large component of this equation, yes we spent 3 years of time and energy in the design of this bullet but that's just that.. a design. To make that design a reality it took Money, a great deal of money. Getting high BC .257 bullets to the market is a completely different deal than making another 6mm or 6.5mm bullet, where you just have to design, manufacture and sell them. With .257 the bullets are less than half the initial investment, we had 185+ fast twist .257 barrels and 36 reamers in stock when we launched the bullets since they would be basically useless with out them. Can't sell bullets without the barrels and can't sell barrels without bullets.

That money came out of 2 guy's pockets, 2 guys that also work 70+ hours a week at our main jobs to make all this a reality. I know very few people that could afford to sit on that much inventory so they could test an extremely subjective metric that would take months to complete. Even if we could have, What cartridge do we choose to test? What barrel manufacture? What powder do we use? What pressure level do we load it to? What shooting regimen? what do we consider to be shot out?

Even if we had the time to do all that, it wouldn't make people happy. Say we tested the 25 creed in that manor. The next questions would be: What about the 257 WBY? 257 Roberts? 25x47L? 25x45 sharps? 25xc? 25 SAUM? 25-06? 25-284? ....its not feasible and it would never be enough.

Going even deeper into that, say we did test every cartridge known to man. Would you believe the data? I know a handful of guys that swear they get 3000+ rounds out of an 6XC barrel, do I believe them? No. What about the people that claim 2500+ out of a 6.5 SAUM? I don't buy that ether. Are they lying? probably not but the data is not verifiable.

I also can't recall EVER seeing a barrel life figure coming from ANY bullet company. I'm not saying it's never been done, just that I haven't seen it. There are too many variables.
Jun 28, 2010
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People are susceptible to confirmation bias. They keep asking the same question knowing full well the answer and expect someone to parrot something that confirms their bias. There's no way to predict an exact number but with the knowledge that's easily and readily available a educated guess can be made.

Barrel life crap is beating a dead horse. You already know the answer. Women ask questions like, 'do these jeans make me look fat?' You damn well know the answer. At least here you don't have to mince words or come home with a scorned woman.


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Nov 25, 2006
Roswell NM
They feel entitled to that which is guaranteed by bureaucratic expense. The whole time I was communicating with Sierra asking for a heavier SMK in .257 and they never gave me a single hint. In fact they told me not gonna happen. Sierra does this with their own badged new bullets. Takes years before they add it to their own reloading manual. In the meantime they are on the shelves being sold at retail. People aren't waiting around.
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