.224 Valkyrie factory bolt guns?

Jan 2, 2011
Raleigh, NC
I would guess that Q will have their mini-Fix it toward the end of the year. That should be one heck of a 224V rifle.

I saw that on Instagram yesterday.....very nice! It looks to be feeding from an AR 6.8 magazine

I think I heard savage is going to chamber it in their bolt guns
I'm very curious to see how Savage approaches this caliber in a bolt gun.

I'm specifically interested in the magazine.

I called APO last week and they are building custom 224 Valkyrie mags in house for their rifles.

I don't know what MPA is doing for theirs


Nov 28, 2006
York, PA
I like the idea of being able to use easily available AR mags. Besides, I really like my 308 Fix, so I am definitely going to pick up the mini-Fix as soon as it comes out.

Is your fix the 16" barreled version? wondering how it will handle with a 24" barrel. I know I hate AR15's with anything longer than 18" and running suppressed most 13" or under.
Jan 18, 2003
Thanks. Based on comments from a couple of builders, it appears the issue with this caliber in a bolt gun is with the magazine. I'm guessing if the demand is there, the issue will be resolved. I hope my guess is right.

Greg Langelius *

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Aug 10, 2001
Arizona, good place for me...
I have toyed with the idea of the 224V ever since it first appeared on this forum. It's tempting, but I always pull up short before engaging the "Gee what would mine look like" process.

That's because I already went thoroughly through all of this with the .22-250. I mean I bought the gun, shot it plenty, and learned a fact or two that had managed to evade the popular discussions.

The .22-250 (and likely also the 224V) really heat up the barrel much quicker. Not just being concerned about bore life, my major quibble was that accuracy became unstable many shots prior to the conclusion of a competitive COF. Such Courses Of Fire require sustained fire for a given string of shots, and there is just no way around that.

So, in essence, the .22-250 may shoot great, but it doesn't shoot great in the very COF's that I wanted to use it for.

I determined that for what I wanted, the .223/5.56 was about as much case capacity as I would actually need, and which I could effectively employ to meet those needs. Going appreciably bigger just doesn't accomplish what I want my 22 bore centerfire rifles to do.

For more capacity, I standardized on the .260 Remington; which has effectively sustained all my shooting needs for nearly two decades in applications that would otherwise motivate me to go with overbore 224 chamberings.

For me, it's all just a matter of choices, based on experience with what works for me.

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Feb 17, 2011
It'd be a pretty easy setback/rebarrel a Howa 1500 Mini if you want a tiny 224V bolt gun, otherwise just go .22-250 on a standard short-action. I'm not disagreeing with you there, Greg, there's an appropriate tool for any job. What barrel make, contour an dlength did you run the .22-250 through?

Personally, I'm more interested in the 95 SMK for a comp gun. High BCs, low recoil, flat trajectories and relatively low pressures in 'overbore' cases to meet 3200fps in shorter barrels.

Greg Langelius *

Resident Elder Fart
Aug 10, 2001
Arizona, good place for me...
Ruger KM77VT MKII .22-250, 24" 1:12" (14"?) cold hammer forged Varmint contour. Also a 308, same configuration except 1:10" twist. Both are long gone from my inventory. It was about money, not about performance. Outside competitive circles, the .22-250 was one helluva Chuck rifle.

I agree about appropriate tools, and have decided the .260 does it for me better than the 22-250.

Feb 14, 2017
What if your 22-250 was just a turd Greg? I've talked to a few high volume fast paced prairie dog hunters and they don't seem to have any of the problems you did.