.224 Valkrye and .223/5.56 suppressor


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I am assuming that I will be able to use my Surefire RC2 on a 224 Valkrye since a 223 is actually .224. Am I mistaken on this assumption?
Not that I’m an expert but going by what I’ve read over the last 20 years and what I’ve experienced, any modern can rated for 5.56 should handle the Valkyrie. Slightly heavier bullet, same diameter and about the same velocity SHOULD equate to about the same impact(figuratively) on a 5.56 can.
As far as the bullet diameter, yes. "223" and "Five-Five-Six" bullets all measure between 0.2238" and 0.2245" on the bearing surfaces. The can's bore is probably 0.275-0.300" or better...being a Surefire.

But I wouldn't do so until I called Surefire and asked them if they felt comfortable with the Valkyrie, and if so, at what barrel length minimum.

It's the PRESSURE rating that is key here, not the boolit.



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I've measured my diameter to be .284". I also asked about use on 22-250 and they said no problem. If it's good enough 22-250, the. Valkyrie should be no issue.
In this case its a gas volume/pressure thing, rather than a diameter thing. I've seen/read about a few mfgers saying .22/250 is ok with their 5.56 cans, and others not recommending it.