224 Grendel (224 AR, 224 Predator)

Jun 19, 2013
Frederick, CO
It seems no one has started a thread with this chambering yet, so I guess I will.

My barrel is a 24" heavy barrel with 1:7" twist and Rifle+2" gas system length, with a matched bolt head.

* Norma 6.5 Grendel brass, necked down in stages using Redding bushing die with a .249" final bushing .
* Sellier & Bellot small rifle primer
* Hornady 88gr ELD-Match seated to 2.26" COAL
* 29.1 gr Reloader 16
* 2825 fps
* single digit SD (need to verify)

I'll verify my E.S. and S.D. and chrono'd velocity over the holiday or next weekend, maybe even true it from 800y dope if I can get enough loaded and some cooperative weather.

I've been fiddling with QuickLOAD and I believe this load is just a hair over the 50,000 psi that Bill Alexander recommends for 6.5 Grendel (52,000 psi SAAMI max), so it should be a safe load that won't grenade the bolt head.

Best group so far is below. The barrel only has 57 rounds through it so far, so hopefully it picks up a bit of speed and settles into some nice tight groups.


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Feb 27, 2018
.224 Grendel vs .224 Valkyrie
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  • Start dateNov 16, 2017
  • You may find this thread helpful on the topic. Some promising data on the 75 and 80 elds. There was a question on the 1.7 holding up the 90 smks so it will be good to see your 88 eld results. Good luck
Feb 13, 2017
Got some questions:
1)Barrel specs and who did the work
2)How was the resizing process
3)which mags are you using

I've been looking at ar15 wildcats. The 22x42(spc) looks pretty cool as well.
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