223 Brass. 2000+ pieces, factory prepped, cheap.

Jan 15, 2005
Top Brass brand 223 fully processed brass. This is part of 4 containers that I purchased new from Cabelas. I sorted all of the pieces by headstamp, used about 1700 pieces and this is the remainder which is unused. In total there's probably better than 2200 pieces. There's a container full of Lake City (LC) head stamp plus a large quantity in a bag, there's a container mostly full of Winchester (WCC), well over 900 pieces, and then a bag with about a pound of random headstamp brass.

The quality of this brass is excellent, I used a bunch for loading for an SPR with Varget and 77gr Bergers and had phenomenal results.

Two 1000ct jugs from Cabelas would run you $324 + tax. There's well over 2K pieces here and it's been sorted by stamp. $275 shipped gets it all. Depending on where you're located it may come out of the jugs and go into bags to fit in a couple flat rate boxes.


Berger 6.5mm 140gr Hybrids (500 minimum of same lot)
Berger 6.5mm 130gr Hybrids (500 minimum of same lot)
Berger .22 cal 80.5gr Fullbores (500 minimum of same lot)
Forster 308 die set
Forster 22BR die set
KRG Bravo or Xray for Tikka T3. Sako Green preferred.
KRG Xray for R700 SA. Black preferred.
KRG spigot mount
KRG NV bridge (need 1 integrated version and 1 cap version for spigot)
Sterk bolt handle for Tikka T3.
HK USP 9mm 15rd magazines
HK USP Compact 9mm 13rd magazines
Geissele Super 42 buffer/spring

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