2020 NorCal Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge Invitational

NorCal Vu

Gunny Sergeant
Dec 20, 2004
Sacramento Area
Invitational 2020 NorCal Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge!

$10,000 cash payout to the field to start! If a sponsor picks up the tab for dinner, the cash we save goes into the pot! Every single dime taken in for match fees will be spent on our competitor’s experience.

Dates: May 29th – 31st

100 shooters maximum capacity.

We will be inviting the nation’s top 50 shooters and VIPs, which will include the nation’s top 5 ladies.
30 lottery slots.
10 spots for our NCPPRC members
10 spots for our top sponsors.

Registration kicks off in January. Stay tuned!

Match Fee: 285.00

What is included?

  1. The best bag of match schwag, ever. Hint: The most iconic piece of match schwag is coming back!!!
  2. Lunch on Friday after everyone dials in their rifles.
  3. Steak dinner on Saturday
  4. Killer lunch on Sunday before awards. Got a new BBQ spot close by that make great burgers.
  5. Hydration and snacks throughout each day to keep everyone operating at a high level.

This year’s event will not be sanctioned by any particular entity.
That being said, we reached out to the National Rifle League (NRL) and Precision Rifle Series (PRS) to offer the use of the points. The competitors would be allowed to select where their points go at the time of registration. No double dipping.

The PRS has accepted our terms and competitors will be allowed to use TBRC for PRS points. The NRL has declined TBRC to be used for NRL points at this time.

NCPPRC did what we believe is best for the community as a whole no matter where they are from, and what league they are currently competing in.

Vu Pham – Match Director
Dan Bertocchini – Match Director
Jacob Denny – Match Director