2019 Sniper's Hide Cup Thank You Post


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2019 Sniper's Hide Cup

I want to reach out and thank everyone who attended the 2019 Sniper's Hide Cup as either a team or single shooter. We had 55 teams compete along with 25 individual shooters. This was my first time taking part in an event like this and I really enjoyed the format. I think allowing both a team to work as a team and single shooters to enjoy the same COF was a bit plus. This was all Clint Sharp as it's how he runs the Karsetter event and recommended we follow this format. It's a no brainer to include as many as possible.

For a lesson learned on my perspective, Teams need 5:30 and Individuals between 3:30 and 4 Minutes. That will be adjusted to help balance the timings a bit better. Overall I was really happy with the movement and flow of the event under this format.


Thanks to all the shooters. In the podcast I was bit harsh, but also stated it was a 25% thing with the weapons handling. We need to be a bit tighter on muzzle discipline. And not just the guy or girl holding the rifle, but the team mates who just crossed the muzzles. We need to up our situational awareness on the field. We had a lot of room out there, but guys were still crossing the streams in a bad way. It doesn't take much for the lack of awareness to bit us.

I was alerted during the sight in, that muzzle discipline was pretty bad. We were not there, we were setting up, and it was big boy rules on the sight section of the range on Friday. It's up to each and every competitor to be a range officer when off the clock. We cannot be everywhere and we are outnumbered 5 to 1 in terms of range officers and shooters. So the shooters have to step up their responsibilities. We only DQ'd one team that I am aware of, and even in that circumstance I have no idea what the situation was, just heard, a team was DQ'd. We don't want to do this, but we will.

Overall feedback has been great, everyone enjoyed the course of fire and the conditions were just about perfect for all of it.


Thanks companies like MDT, they supported the event with both teams and sponsorship, Crux Ordnance, Leupold, Insite Arms etc. We didn't really do a prize table, only those companies who arrived put stuff on the table. That was by design. Instead we pay out cash, Top 3 Teams and Top 3 Individuals were awarded cash payouts in excess of $5000. That may change, it may not, I like no sweating prize tables.

To the Range Officers,

Thank you for your hard work. There is no match without ROs. We were two short on Saturday, adapted and then later were two heavy on Sunday. That is how it flows. Range Officers are necessary to make this all work.

To Carl Taylor, Clint Sharp, Dallas and company, outstanding work as always.

Congrats to our Winners, Nick Gardarzi and Adam Cloaninger outstanding shooting by both. You guys were smooth as silk and it was a treat watching you operate.


Great seeing old friends and here is to making new ones



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Mar 4, 2017
Was a great match, and I learned a bunch. We were teamed with a father/son combo, and I got a kick out of watching those two interact. It also gave me hope that there are still good kids out there amongst a growing population of video game junkies and hipsters. Thanks to all the RO's and everyone else that volunteered to help out.


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May 7, 2019
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Looks like a great time. Wish I could of made it. Can’t wait to see some more pics and maybe some videos.