2019 Sniper's Hide Cup - Individual & Team Event


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Registration is OPEN !

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2019 Sniper’s Hide Cup

When: June 22ndand 23rd2019

Where: Colville Washington

Hosted by Carl Taylor and In Motion Targets

What Kind of Match: Field Course, this is a Team as well as Individual Event. We will be running both sets across the same course of fire. For those not familiar with the format it will follow the Karsetter Event Model shot in the Washington State Area.

How Much: $200 Per Shooter

Round Count: 200 rifle with 100 Pistol

Match Particulars

This match is being hosted on private property and everyone is EXPECTEDto police after him or herself, respect the property, and act responsibly.

This match will provide a wide variety of stages with a varying degree of difficulty. Shooters are STRONGLY encouraged to bring analog forms of data to include a mechanical compass and be prepared for all weather conditions. Expect to see stages such as: UKD, positional, high angle, movers, and so on. All shooters will be required to pack the gear they intend to use for the day. After the safety briefing and opening stage, shooters will not be allowed to return for additional equipment.

Match Location / Date.

The match is scheduled for June 22ndand 23rd 2019. Colville, WA will be the hosting city but specific locations for the match will be given to the attending shooters once they have registered and are confirmed. This is done to eliminate any on-lookers that may cause unnecessary distractions. Directions will be sent to each competitors email address once registrations have been received.

Match Fee’s.

The Match fees will be $200.00 USD per shooter. Included in this price is a post-match barbeque and T-shirt.

Match registration & Sign In.

To register please go to the In Motion Target web site and find the match in our store. www.inmotiontargets.com Sign in will be conducted prior to the match on Friday evening @ 6pm in the lobby of Bennys Hotel. No refunds will be given. Failure to sign in will result in a forfeiture of your entry fee.

Match safety brief.

Safety brief will begin promptly at 0800 the day of the match. Pre-registration and safety brief attendance is required to participate in the match.


Camp sites available. Camp sites are dry i.e. no hook ups for septic, water or power. Pay per camp sight is available on our online store at www.inmotiontargets.com

Hotels / Motels.- The match will be held near Colville, WA. Hotel spaces are limited. Colville, is approximately 20 minutes from the match site.

Caliber & Other Restrictions.

This match will be limited to Short Action Calibers

Time Limits.

Each shooting station will have its own time limit. Once the RSO has given the command to begin, your time has started for that station. Each shooting station will have their own set of rules and regulations in addition to times. Pay close attention to the RSO’s for specific directions.

In the event that the RSO has any distractions or reason to call a cease fire, time will be paused to ensure that the team at that station is allotted the proper time for firing.


Squad Movement.

All shooters / teams will be organized into squads / teams prior to the match beginning. The RSO will instruct the teams where their next shooting station is and when they are cleared to move to that station. This will be done in order to keep track of all teams to ensure the safety of all involved in the match. Team shooters are required to move to the next stage once a stage has been completed. We ask for this as a courtesy to everyone in order to be efficient with time management conducting the match. This will also help eliminate the possibilities of backlogged stages. Move in order of stages! Do not “play through” to benefit your own interests. If you are caught doing so you will be disqualified from the stage you have shot out of order.


Shooters must attempt to hit each target with a minimum of 2 rounds. 4 rounds per target total will be allowed to accomplish this mission.

3 points will be given for 1stround and the follow on hit.

2 points will be given for 2ndround hits.

1 point will be given for 3rdround hits

1 point will be given for 4thround hits

Scoring in the event of a tie.

A shoot-off will ensue at the discretion of the match director


Jun 13, 2017
All registered. Should be a large contingent of us Canucks attending this year. ;)

Is it a problem if we don't shoot the pistol stages?? Bring our pistols across the border is a royal PITA ..........
Your RPAL covers you to the border and you just put the pistol on the Form6NIA. Nothing else required.
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Feb 4, 2014
Anyone got a ballpark time of how late things will go Sunday? Team mate has to be back at work Monday morning. Trying to figure if I should arrange separate transportation to the airport Sunday night.


Jun 13, 2017
Anyone got a ballpark time of how late things will go Sunday? Team mate has to be back at work Monday morning. Trying to figure if I should arrange separate transportation to the airport Sunday night.
Last couple years we finished shooting around 3 or so.

Even after smoke and joke and brief awards/prize you can figure on rolling out before 5