<span style="font-weight: bold">2013 THUNDER BEAST TEAM CHALLENGE</span>
<span style="font-style: italic">OCT 25-27, 2013 at the Blue Steel Ranch (Logan, NM)</span>

<span style="font-weight: bold">This match is an extreme test of practical field rifle shooting and its supporting activities. Two-man teams will be required to navigate rugged desert terrain, recognize, locate, range, and engage challenging rifle targets from compromised shooting positions, communicate with their partner and the range officer (RO), and do it under time constraints. This match consists of three hour-long field stages, two night stages, and six "assault" stages.</span>

The match details will be available on the CD we site shortly. Registration will go live Jan 2nd.

Some quotes from 2011 competitors:
<span style="font-style: italic">
"Hoser" Freeman - This has got to be one of the funnest and toughest matches I have ever shot. Mike and I finished each field course completely drenched in sweat and heart pounding. Trying to find that wall of how hard to push movement and still being able to settle in to shoot was a great challenge. The night stages were deceptively tough and the assault stages were brutal and fun. The prize table was awesome. Hard to imagine it was all set up well into well after most all companies had done their budgets for the year. Huge thanks to all the companies that supported this match and us shooters. The scoring was perfect. No issues, no drama. I cant wait for next year. Bring it.

Mike Kolar (SRM Match Director) - "I'm really excited about this match -- I want to shoot it again right now!"

FCB on SnipersHide.com - "This was by far the best match I've ever been to and the best test of a rifleman that I've seen."

Quickdraw40 on SnipersHide.com (Team Pro Plate) - "We are lucky in Colorado (Wyoming/Northern New Mexico area) to have venues such as the Blue Steel Ranch. We are also lucky we have persons (Thunderbeast/Competition Dynamics team) who are willing to take the time to organize and run such matches. No square range shooting here folks and you better be in shape. If you have shot Steel Safari, this was like Steel Safari on crack with super cool side matches thrown in for fun. Organized well, no drama, super quick scoring, and an amazing prize table. Thank you to Zak, Ray, Dave, Loraine, Jeff, and all of the ROs. It was a great time!"

The 2012 match thread has photos and video from last year's event

JC Steel

Gunny Sergeant
Oct 12, 2008
Washington State

Zak, if you need some Premium AR500 targets for your prize table, we would be happy to fill the slot! Just let us know. Sounds like an awesome match!

Oct 28, 2008


We would be happy to have you as a sponsor. I'll send you the sponsor information.

Best regards,

Oct 17, 2005
Under Team Rules, rule #5 states: "On designated stages, the rifle shooter shall use his carbine to engage carbine targets as directed by the stage briefing. He must also carry his rifle in a safe configuration." The photos don't show this but the rules state it so would you clarify what rifle shooters will be required to carry (rifles, packs, etc.) on the assault stages.


Oct 23, 2006
Not a lot of chatter about the match. Everything looking good, nice crowd expected?

Jim and I are really looking forward to it! One of the most fun and unique team matches we've participated in. Great venue and excellent match staff. Only three weeks away!
Aug 10, 2011
Northern CO
I really wish that I could have made this one. It's bound to be fun!

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Ditto. First time ever, I can't make this due to a family obligation. Like every CD event though, they set the standard for a well run match, good prizes, fair rules, and challenging shooting. Should be a blast for all who are competing!
Sep 28, 2007
Rapid City, SD
I'm psyched. This is a great shoot. And ur killing me Zak, been torturing myself at crossfit for this match for months but luckily ive still been shootin too. See ya next week.

On behalf of the match staff, I'd like to thank all the competitors for coming to test themselves at the 2013 Thunder Beast Team Challenge. You displayed a superior level of safety in dynamic shooting situations while traversing hard terrain with a high level of physical exertion. Everyone was on the ball and on-time and that really helped us keep the match a little bit ahead of schedule. All the teams should feel proud for completing this event. It takes a lot of expertise in different shooting disciplines/styles to succeed at this match and it's a significant accomplishment to place in the top 10 at the TBTC.

The TBTC was harder this year, no question. We see the TBTC as a match to truly test each competitor. If you are "acing" stages then it means you didn't find your limits (and we made them too easy).

Thanks to the RO's for working their asses off for (at least) 3 days: Paul, Joe, Joe, Joe, Ann, Michael, Mike, Casey, Zion, Bruce, and Christian. While the competitors shot 4 field/assault courses a day, the RO's had to work about 15. That's a hell of a lot of work and I know some of you were smoked by the end of the weekend.

Thanks to Jimmy for his extraordinary help as Assistant Match Director, designing and setting up the stages and making sure everything ran smoothly throughout the match. Most of you don't know this but Jimmy helped come up with the TBTC concept some years ago over beers in Logan; however, due to other conflicts was not able to join us as staff until this year.

Thanks to the land owners, Dave and Lorraine W., for continued access to their property.

Special thanks to Jeff and Ann for their efforts throughout 2012 and 2013 to make sure we have the right sponsors in place for all our events. Jeff and Ann were responsible for our awesome prize table.

Also thanks to all the sponsors for an excellent prize table and support throughout the year. We had teams competing from AA Targets, JP Enterprises, and Burris/Steiner.

If anyone wants an to buy an extra t-shirt, email us ASAP while we still have a few left.

I will post the full scores later tonight. Sorry for the delay-- still pulling stuff out of the truck and trailer.

thanks everyone,
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Dec 11, 2007
Zak, Jimmy, Jeff and Ann,

I got back to Montana a bit ago...Something of a drive...

Thank you for the great event. It was a great weekend with a terrific group of folks in a fantastic venue. I can't wait to do it again next year.
Thanks to the RO's for their time and effort...just a little energy expended keeping up with everyone on all the stages....takes a lot of guts to step up and RO a big match...

Dave and Lorraine, Thank you for allowing us access to such a great shooting experience. There are very few people who will open up their place for such an event...it was fantastic...

We are already planning for next year.

Thanks again,
Feb 10, 2012
south dakota
Thanks for putting on a great match matt and i had a blast the venue was out standing great shooting and great people looking forward to the next time i can make one of your matches. Thanks to the blue steel ranch and all your staff that put it all together.


May 11, 2010
Excellent match yet again. This is my favorite match each year to shoot, and this year still met the expectation!

Thanks to all the sponsors, match staff/ROs, competitors, and Dave & Lorraine. I'd like to extend a special thanks to JP for providing an excellent live-fire demo (rifles and ammo included) at the end of the match.

I'm looking forward to next year.
Sep 28, 2007
Rapid City, SD
Ok, I'm ready to do it again!! Great match. Thanks to all who help put it on, to all the sponsors and of course the landowners. It was great to see everyone again.
And thank you budget inn for giving me hope of wifi but then not really.

The dates for the 2014 Thunder Beast Team Challenge are Oct 17-19th.

There will be a few changes to the match for next year. Instead of having 6 close-range assault stages, we are going to replace some of those with mid-range carbine courses of fire held out in the terrain. Those of you who have shot the old Pueblo Rifle (carbine) Match or remember the Point Blank LEO 3-Gun @ Pueblo might get the idea. We are also adding pistol. I promise to make the night stages a little bit easier...

I would like to get some feedback from competitors and people who are interested for 2014. Which of these combinations would you prefer and why?

(1) keep rifle, both carbines, and add 2 pistols
(2) keep rifle, both carbines, and add only 1 pistol (who gets it, rifle or carbine guy)
(3) keep rifle, only one carbine, and 2 pistols
(4) some other combination- explain

We like #1 but worry that it's too many guns to travel with for people who fly in.

Feel free to email me directly or post here. Thanks!

Additional details will be posted soon. Registration will open in late Jan, after SHOT Show.
Dec 4, 2010
Denver, Colorado

Having just come back from K&M I am sensitive to flying with a rifle and ammo, however, if my vote counts I vote #1. I like the idea of needing the handgun to neutralize targets before or after rifle or carbine engagements or a stage or two for pistol only. I like running the bolt and getting to run a carbine - its just plain fun...mix in a little pistol and the fun factor just went up.

As far as swapping some assault with some mid-range carbine - I am all for change and new stages.

Also, we are adding a new match for 2014! We are calling it the Rocky Mountain Steel Quest.

Its format will be identical to the Steel Safari but be located at our Douglas WY venue. This venue is comprised of two adjoining ranches with over 17,000 acres available (including a mountain). As many of you know the terrain there is much different than the terrain down at Blue Steel. We have longer distances available and there are more mountains, for a start.

It will be only two days, Saturday-Sunday, with check-in on Friday. This should make it more low-impact for those that have to travel, and Douglas is only about 225 miles from Denver instead of 375 (Logan). Lodging is available about 10 minutes away in Douglas.

There will be two divisions. We'll have the regular open rifle division just like Steel Safari. The second division, scored separately, will be for semi-automatic .223/5.56 caliber rifles ("carbines"). The details on carbine scoring are TBD at this time, but they will be able to use multiple rounds to engage targets.

The dates for RMSQ will be APRIL 19-20 (check-in on the 18th). The fee is not set yet but it will be cheaper than the SS, in part because it's a first-year match and in part because it's just a 2-day event.

Ever since we saw the Douglas properties we started talked about a "Winter Steel Safari." Consider this a test run of a match in a season other than summer. In April we could have weather in the 60's or it could be 30 with some snow. We consider that to be part of the adventure. We'll start another thread about it soon.
Jun 24, 2012
Ft. Collins, Co.
I like #1, or one carbine, one pistol with rifle guy using rifle/pistol on and carbine guy remaining with his carbine on assault stages. And/or let's make a mortar stage. Katanas and ninja stars? A stage utilizing just baseball bats? Let's get wild, I'll fill your head with awesome ideas!!