20" Proof 6.5 Creedmoor


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Aug 15, 2018
20" load data needed, shooting 1-8 Proof Research barrel. Had great luck with IMR 4451 and H-4350 in my 25" Bartlien. Wanted to see whats working for others in the short barrel.

Its a bolt gun fyi

Gun will be my main hunting rifle but LR steel too.

will be surpressed as soon as the Government sees fit:LOL:


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Aug 15, 2018
I tried 43.0 RL-16 and 42.4 H4350
Both were accurate but this is because of the rifle. If I put time in , they would be tighter

4350 load was really too hot, stiff bolt and shiny case heads
RL 16 load was a "tad" warm but had good Vel. I'm going to tone both down a bit, see what happens. My BDC Turret is set for 140 gr @ 2625fps.

Is there any way to figure how much to lower these loads? 1 grain? how many FPS should this lower?

I know I should ladder test but I don't have the time or patients, I'm Old.

I'll post pictures later

Jul 14, 2004
Tulsa Ok
I have a LaRue POS .308 that wouldn't shoot under 1.5 MOA!
I replaced their crap barrel that they said "shot a 5 group test shooting 5 shot groups at 100y that all averaged 1/2". I asked them to send the target back with the rifle and they never did lol. I've also had two LaRue 5.56 Stealth barrels that were junk.
It now wears a Carbon Proof 6.5 CM (+2"gas ) 20" barrel.
I'm 100% happy with the Proof.
I worked up loads using the Hornady 123 gr ELM and the older 140 Amax bullets using H4350.

123 ELM
Horn brass
43.0 H4350
.286 neck S bushing
2771 FPS
Shoots 5/8" MOA at 100y 1.5 MOA at 600y.

140 Amax
Horn brass
42.5 H4350
.286 S bushing
2670 fps
Shoots a 1/2 MOA at 100y
This load is a hammer at 600y and holds MOA pretty constantly.
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