2 day Intermediate Precision Rifle Class, Weatherford, Tx. May 19/20

Vapor Trail Tactical

2 day weekend class, May 19/20

Consolidated Training Group facility in Weatherford, Texas (this is a private training range facility)

Round count: 360

Register and purchase at: www.vaportrailtactical.net

Course will help you to shoot to the capability of your rifle using video, photo, and target diagnostics that you can use at every Range trip. Learn how to gain the most from your optics and reticles, ballistics and ballistic Apps and how they are used to their full potential, weather and wind reading diagnostics to narrow your estimation of the wind, supported positions both strong and weak side, shooter and spotter communication for faster more accurate corrections, and competition tips that help build consistency and confidence under the stress of time.
Great class this past weekend made a lot of changes to shooters positions, grip, and trigger control that went from shooting 2 MOA TO 1/3 MOA on paper at 300 yards.