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Sep 18, 2003
Gilbert AZ
RE:Shooting 40 in a 10
Y’all do understand headspace on rimless cartridges right? If the extractor holds the rim you MAY be good to go, but if they ride forward in mag and feed ahead of extractor what’s to headspace on?
Get a 40 barrel and 40 mags, or just load weak ass 10mm rounds.
....or shake the sand out of your skirt and load and shoot real 10mm.
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Feb 14, 2017
G20 without any hesitation. Mine shoots 1.5" at 50 yards - off bags. I've not had any 1911's match it - couple of Delta Elites - but I'm sure they're out there. It's my "walking the farm" hog gun and it's light in the holster. I've got a 1006 that's just as accurate but it never leaves the safe. 15 rounds of darn near .41 mag. is tough to beat...


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Sep 2, 2009
I've had several G20's. None were reliable with heavy loads, regardless of spring swaps and stuff. I know some can be, but it is a gun by gun thing, and yours may or may not be.

I have a Wilson Combat 5" 10mm. It runs very well, but is just not as accurate as I would like with factory ammo.

For hunting i would take a 6" all day over any 5". For bedside use I would not take a 10mm or a 6", unless I owned nothing else.

I would also not take a 10mm for hunting, as it is really on the weak side in many ways. My .44's dramatically outshoot my 10 at any distance, and have way more useful power (penetration).

If I wanted a semi auto for hunting, I would take an HK USP Expert in 45acp. It is factory rated for 45 Super, which absolutely out classes the 10mm. The gun itself is also incredibly reliable, and every feature on it is built for cold weather rugged use, which is when I tend to hunt.


Jan 19, 2011
Tulsa, OK
I noticed some folks mentioned reliability issues. I have owned a Delta Elite for 30 years; iIt was my first firearm. While all factory (I never got into hand loading for pistol) loads, I can't recall it ever jamming. Very accurate, very nice trigger, and a bar for any pistol I bought since then (spoiler alert - they never measure up). My only con is the price of ammunition.


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May 8, 2005
I have 5 10mm pistols, 2 Glock G40, 2 RIA 2011 Tac Ultra, and an EAA Witness Hunter.

Unless you reload or shoot Underwood, Double Tap, etc, you aren’t realizing the full potential of the cartridge.
Dec 12, 2017
Atlanta, Ga
Thinking about getting a RIA ultra MS 1911 in 10mm due to budget contraints.

Wont be used for concealed carry more for carrying around the farm.

Any thoughts on this particular model? Will this feed hollow points? And any upgrades that I should consider?
Mar 26, 2006
Thinking about getting a RIA ultra MS 1911 in 10mm due to budget contraints.

Wont be used for concealed carry more for carrying around the farm.

Any thoughts on this particular model? Will this feed hollow points? And any upgrades that I should consider?
I have one in Commander length. It's good for the price, but it's not a Kimber. I had to replace the mag catch immediately as it was out of spec and dropping mags on the first shot. A little polishing of the ramp and it fed fine. I did do my standard mods for the 10mm - heavier mainspring, bit heavier recoil spring, and a flat bottomed firing pin stop. I also replaced the ambi safety as I just don't like them.


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Apr 25, 2018
1911s have a tendency to crack their frame shooting plain .45acp, then you want to do a frame cut for a ramped barrel on a 10mm.

I want to try it but I'll probably go all the way, an STI style aluminum (scandium-aluminum if I can find it) frame with Acc-u-rails and every trick I can imagine to prevent frame battering.

I'll probably build up a .460 Rowland top end for it too.

In the meantime, if the urge becomes too strong, I'll get a Glock 20.
May 17, 2018
I like the 10MM and if you shoot it well more power to you. Since I have been shooting the .45 ACP for over 50 years I'll stick with it and I started carrying a Ruger Super Redhawk loaded with Randy Garrett .44 Magnum 330 grain Hammerheads back in the late 1980s while living in Wyoming in grizzly use areas for those surprise encounters when I did not have my .375 H&H handy. The .45 ACP was for the 2 legged animals and the .44 Mag was for the 4 legged animals. Now, I know many people say why carry all the hardware but I have humped an M-60 for a forced 50 mile march so you know what that hog weighs. I'm 6'5" and 300lbs. and while it is not even near all muscle any more, he he. I'm still no wimp. Now that I'm out in the Peoples Republic of California and my CCW has expired from my former state along with L.A. county being as friendly to renewing it as a grizzly with a tooth ach. I carry California city specific legal multiple knives and "a legal walking aid". You never know when I might need to assist someone.

I have never been a mine is bigger or better than yours type of guy. You should use what you can defend yourself best with where you are at even if it is a .22. The Israeli’s used a Beretta Model 70 .22 pistol that had been modified to fire low powdered ammunition so a silencer was not needed. Quite a few terrorists found out how effective it was; another example of accuracy over power. Sometimes a knife at close range is not only the most silent weapon but the most lethal and fastest to employ. It is situationally dictated just like advanced interrogational techniques to some in one time and theater are not consider appropriate at a latter date and political climate .
Mar 17, 2003
I found a complete 10mm top end on ebay. Had it fitted to my Colt govt frame. Also have a 40 s&w barrel to fit to the 10mm slide. 3 calibers one frame. Incidentally, killed a rattle snake with it last weekend.


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