1000 yrd Walmart air rifle


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Mar 16, 2008
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You could do what Dtros did. He had the same Kelbly's stock he uses for PRS, inletted for a Anschutz PCP barreled action. That's big money though.

On that line maybe call MPA and ask if they have any blem chassis that they'd sell cheaper and have it inletted for whatever air rifle you can find. That way you could weight it and balance that weight to closely resemble your centerfire.

Go to Pyramid Air and see what they have that use AR grips.

PCP's are way nicer to shoot than spring air rifles, especially for a repeater. Next is C02.
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Jul 26, 2017
I like my air rifle. Lots of trigger time, able to shoot in city limits depending on your local ordinances and cheap ammo. Maximum effective range depends on the caliber but id say 200 is doable. 1 moa is rare but some of those benchrest airgun shooters have guns that can do half moa. The bc of .30 pellets are around .053 and when shooting slugs jump to around .078 45A31A7E-93F4-4299-A9F8-03B9FDF4DD64.jpeg
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Jul 26, 2017
What airgun would most closely replicate a centerfire rifle in a chassis? At least something with an m16 style grip so I can put an MPA EVG on it? If I could get a relatively inexpensive repeater like that, it'd be ideal. I want to shoot in my basement this winter and maybe keep it close to my match gun?
Youd probably be looking at a FX impact. They run for about 1800$ and have swapable AR-15 grip(comes with a hogue grip). Here is mine. B2F6D85A-1B21-44D1-9CD0-250A0F45F72A.jpeg
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Jul 3, 2018
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My custom .257 should be here next week. It’s a bit delayed but I plan on proving farther then 300-400 is more than doable, but repeatable. I plan on lobbing some shots in out to 1k with the cold shot adjustable 144mil base.. My .257 (6.5mm) slugs have a BC of .212. Stay tuned there will be a thread. So get the jokes in and laugh now I guess ;)
Oh I plan on making “tracer” slugs to show trajectory to maybe 500 yards through the scope, with my KN203 attached. Still gotta pick up one of those scope phone adaptors before I can do that though....