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    For Sale S&B 3-27 HIGHPOWER

    ha ha you guys are my kind of people!!!! actually I really didnt know where to put he price beings there so dam expensive to begin with. figured trade would be easier on a lot of folks ..
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    For Sale S&B 3-27 HIGHPOWER

    I have a Schmidt Bender PMII Riflescope 3-27x56 34mm L/P LT P4Fine FFP .1 MRAD CW Black Scope 669-911-972-B8-B4 for sale or trade in immaculate shape! For sale price $$4000 shipped!! OBO looking to trade for a Kahles 5-25I MOA left handed W/MOAK reticle LEICA APO TELEVID ANGLED 20-50X65 SPOTTER...
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    ill try to get some up but pm me and I can send you some
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    I have a new MPA Lite short action chassis, rear bag rider, atlas rail and extended rail vertical grip $600 shipped Cerakote paint in reduced custom kryptek altitude
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    Terripan X for sale

    trade pending
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    I have a lightly used MOD7 HOG Saddle for sale OD GREEN PATRIOT BROWN PADS $250 shipped OBO
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    Terripan X for sale

    I received this when the first back order shipped! it is bad *** but I have 3 rangefinders and don't use it as much as I intended in fact I used it three times LOL! I just have to much stuff ha ha it has box all paper work etc. $1600 shipped OBO
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    Leica HD-B 10x42 ***SOLD****

    I have a pair of Leica HD-B 10x42 2000 yard 40049 binos with kuiu stone color case all original paper work haven't even changed the original battery. very nice very very clean I dare say no scratch as I don't clean all the time just when its needed. $1600 shipped !! I have ranged 2300 yards with...
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    Tangent 5-25x56 MOA

    I have a used for 4 range trips and one LR validation trip Tangent theta Moa 5-25x56 with matched moa reticle.. absolute amazing scope I just really like the reticle better in my Kahles! Sell Out right for $4000 OBO Trade towards a pair of Leica 10x42 HD-B 3000 Yard RF binos Swarovski STR 80...
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    WTB! 140 JLK Or 135

    looking for both of these please let me know .. thanks
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    WANTING HS Precision DBM

    I need a long action GENII HS Precision DBM doesn't matter if it has a mag box or not .. thanks
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    some one make me an offer this thing is collecting dust
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    bump make me an offer
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    selling a brand new MPA BA LITE CHASSIS w/folder (which Is back ordered right now but will definitely come with chassis and will be shipped to you as soon as i receive it at no extra cost), Spigot rail and rail on front of chassis bottom, short and longer enhanced rear bag rider. This is for a...
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    WTB : 1/2-28 to 5/8-24 thread adaptor

    I'm looking for a MELONITED 1/2-28 to 5/8-24 thread adaptor. i thought there was a member on here making them but cant find it!
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    WTB: Ascend Armory billet

    Looking for a complete matched AR15 billet receiver upper/lower set from Ascend armory with forward assist