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  1. Gunfighter14e2

    Shit Pays !!

    This is nothing but the libtrad world, out there for all to see. Everywhere they are allowed to breed, this is the end result. Well boys it's been fun but it's time to turn my attention else were. I've had it with the games here, an there are other places on the net to enjoy w/o having to...
  2. Gunfighter14e2

    Jews training white snipers in SA

    WOW, people fighting back an it scares them. Am I missing something here, did they think they could just steal property an no one would attempt rebuttle? Wait that is much like the trads here trying to pick my pocket w/o retaliation, don't think that dog will hunt.
  3. Gunfighter14e2

    Shit Pays !!

    Don't worry the Hide libtards will defend this whole deal page to page. Interesting how they think they have the right to the tax payers wallet to clean up what they fucked up in the first place. It will get solved one way or the other. Trads have never built anything, but they like to shit on...
  4. Gunfighter14e2

    Shit Pays !!
  5. Gunfighter14e2

    Safety is for Sissy's

    I've taped my 45's(an alot of other shit) as a rattle is like sounding a horn in the jungle at night. One of the reasons all my sling's an swivels are still taped to this day. Those that don't know, don't know what they don't know.
  6. Gunfighter14e2

    Words from Montana's cocksucker in charge

    Montana has had a huge influx of libtards from the left an right coast. The thing I love about Montana is once the locals get a belly full the 3 S's come into play. People have disappeared in thin air, like a fart in a wind storm. Then again others just seem to die from Exposure. Could be if...
  7. Gunfighter14e2

    Words from Montana's cocksucker in charge

    With luck, karma will take over. However I pray for divine intervention on behalf of true Americans, before bed each night.
  8. Gunfighter14e2

    What’s the new social media everyone jumped to instead of Facebook?

    The best place to run a plan/game is from the inside. This is why the Hide is having purse fights much more often now. Long ago it was over gear, glass, ect. Now it's about the country's direction. However planks are being laid everywhere,...
  9. Gunfighter14e2

    It was the Russians!!!

    Vladimir, called an said to be sure to blame him an Russia from whats coming. OK I say but why? Well he says,... We have been your boggy man so long we don't want to see your MIC fail on our behalf. Although you seem to be wanting to make your people fear China a little more (are we failing?)...
  10. Gunfighter14e2

    Optics Planet B/S again

    Well the "op" is a little off. (Others will be along shortly to agree, I'm sure) I am Gunfighter14e2 an I approve of this message. BTW it did come in 3 days late I might add, they said an FNG put it in the wrong shipping pile. Interesting as that is the same thing they said last time. FNG my...
  11. Gunfighter14e2

    69 the magic number?
  12. Gunfighter14e2

    Good morning Hide.

    Maggot, If you can't get your ass to work on time, stay the fuck home! This always late shit is going to stop!!!!
  13. Gunfighter14e2

    Which device shows directed energy weapon beams and streamers?

    At 0700 zulu I was sighting the new ir shit, never seen any directed energy weapons, beams or streamers, was I was lucky? Oh by the way the, FLIR never picked up the latest/newest to me IR beam. It will pick up a none eye safe, but it will not see my latest lower powered beam. Get to run it...
  14. Gunfighter14e2

    Why do people seem down on Savage rifles?

    Seen this with many. Only group that means anything is 10 shots over ten different days at 10 different locations. Shoot a .25-.50 moa group that way an now your talking about a accurate system (shooter an rifle).
  15. Gunfighter14e2

    Now Animal Crackers has become politically Correct

    Someday stupid will rule this rock.
  16. Gunfighter14e2

    Interesting Perspective Now awaiting the libtards responce,...
  17. Gunfighter14e2

    Optics Planet B/S again

    I hate to say it but, I get much faster shipping from GayBay.
  18. Gunfighter14e2

    Missing Veer G

    Even though our pass time is pissing each other off every so often, I do miss his input.
  19. Gunfighter14e2

    Sub sonic 338 Win mag?

    The 285 is coming from Accurate, when I ordered I never seen the 305/340 ? Well strike that, I may have seen it but with pure WW they say the one I ordered will come out of the mold at 285grs before the gas check an lube.
  20. Gunfighter14e2

    Optics Planet B/S again

    I take people at their word. This is the second time guarantied I would have it in two days. Liers, nothing more, telling lies to get you to buy. I'll revert back to midway, they are 3 days every time w/o issue on std shipping to me. OP baits you in with 2 day to your door from order, totally lies.