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  1. 101stinfantry

    Anybody have experience with the EAA 10mm?

    I already have Glocks, and 1911's. I'd prefer something different, if possible, I'm a gun slut I owe no fealty to one particular brand/style or caliber! ;)
  2. 101stinfantry

    WTS: B&C Carbelite stock for Win M70 L/A

    Cleaning some stuff out and found this B&C Carbelite stock for a L/A Winchester M70. $50 shipped in CONUS, prefer USPS MO, but can do PP if you want to pay the fees.
  3. 101stinfantry

    California fires

    Seems like California has been on fire for the last 10 years, I'm really surprised that there is anything left to burn. Next will be mud slides. Why does anyone let the undergrowth/brush grow up that close to their damn house anyway?
  4. 101stinfantry

    WTS: Konuspot 80

    I have a like new Konuspot 80, 20-60 X 80 that I need to get rid of. I bought it for my daughter to look at the moon with, I think she used it twice. Comes in original box with all the extras, plus an upgraded Vanguard table top tripod. $150 shipped in CONUS, prefer USPS MO, but can do PP if...
  5. 101stinfantry

    Anybody have experience with the EAA 10mm?

    From what I can find they use the same frame, I'm going to swing by my Dad's today and check his out. The only Glock 10mm that I've got my hands on was an old Gen 2 G20. Yes the P Match Pro has a polymer frame, now I'm looking at the Stock III too. From what I can gather the EAA's that I'm...
  6. 101stinfantry

    Anybody have experience with the EAA 10mm?

    Do you happen to know if the 10mm 220, utilizes the same frame as the .45 ACP 220? My Dad has a .45 that I could finger bang to see if it fits me.
  7. 101stinfantry

    Anybody have experience with the EAA 10mm?

    I like the looks of that Sig for sure, I'll have to look around & see if I can find one to actually get my mitts on. I'm guessing it's an accurate enough gun for whitetail?
  8. 101stinfantry

    Anybody have experience with the EAA 10mm?

    Thinking about buying an EAA 10mm to hunt with, I've used revolvers and single shot pistols in the past, but haven't taken a deer with an autoloader yet. I'm wondering about the grip size on these pistols, as I find the Glock 21 grip to be slightly larger than is comfortable for me. Specific...
  9. 101stinfantry

    223 Long Action?

    @ Sethshaun: Yes, may not have been clear, was trying to say I have two LA .223s. If that was directed at me. ;)
  10. 101stinfantry

    223 Long Action?

    Mine is an older Savage, I think I bought it in around '93-'94, IIRC that was the only action length offered by Savage then. About the only thing left on it that is factory is the action and the bolt now.
  11. 101stinfantry

    223 Long Action?

    I have a .223 built on a Savage 112 long action, and a Tikka T3 lite in .223 as well. Like Spife said, it's the magazine that limits how long they can be, not the action itself.
  12. 101stinfantry

    Decent 22 pistol?

    22/45 Lite here too.
  13. 101stinfantry

    Any ranges/clubs in North Arkansas?

    Well, hell! That is less than 2 miles from where I live! When I get back from voting in the morning I'll check my Dad's plat book, I think I know who owns that, but I'm not 100%.
  14. 101stinfantry

    22 Steel Target Recommendations?

    I pretty much use the 3/8" JC Steel targets for everything...........because eventually someone is gonna hammer it with a centerfire.
  15. 101stinfantry

    Investing in silver

    I've bought from Provident, and Silver Towne.
  16. 101stinfantry

    Any ranges/clubs in North Arkansas?

    Yeah, Fulton Co. is still a bit behind the times. Though they have plat books available for IIRC, $45. I'm pretty sure my Dad picked one up the other day. I'm assuming the property is located on the East side of Hwy 63, if so I have a good friend that lives over there that might have an...
  17. 101stinfantry

    Anybody own an Anschutz 1416D?

    I have a 1416, absolutely love it. Started to buy a CZ, then contemplated a T1X, glad I got the Annie.
  18. 101stinfantry

    Any ranges/clubs in North Arkansas?

    To be honest, I'm not sure. What I do know, is it is difficult to find a place to shoot more than 3-400 yards in this area, due mostly to terrain. A few years ago the MSPD had some guys come in for a class, and the only place we could find to shoot only had 400 yds, and it was rough as a cob...
  19. 101stinfantry

    It Works,

    A war that is almost forgotten, I've probably read 20 books on WW I in the past year due to the centennial, I thought the guys in WW II had it bad.
  20. 101stinfantry

    Good History for Jarheads/Squids...

    All I'm sayin' is thats' a real nice box to put someone in, dammit.