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    Saiga .308 vs springfield m1a national match

    I do not own a Saiga, nor will I ever. Shot a "sporter .308" once, and the recoil rattled the handguard right off. That wa as just the beginning. I have, however, owned an M1A/M14, and it was beautiful. They are very accurate weapons. Lots of aftermarket support, and built by a reputable...
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    2 Vortex Gen 1 5-20x50 Razors Mil/Mil

    Both still available? Are you considering trades? Redacted. Trade item in mind just sold. Free bump, sweet deal
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    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    @1moaoff is taking @jefesdope place here...... some mega hotties getting put up! Good work fellas!
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    Opinions on SWFA fixed scopes?

    Nice to hear. I'm considering a 10x for an AR10 .308 build I'm doing right now
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    Custom Cut Foam for Hard Rifle Case

    +1 on the break away razors. I only use them
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    Urban Measurements

    I think this is a good idea. However, it is already a page in my data book from impact
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    870P or 11-87P, and Why?

    Simply for the ability to have 3" shells. 1100 has eaten just about everything, and shoots like a champ, but can be finicky at times. Apparently the 1187 fixes a couple of the issues the 1100 had/has? Something to do with port holes and sizes maybe? Regardless, if I didn't need to spend money...
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    870P or 11-87P, and Why?

    Love my 1100, but, I will go 1187 next time.
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    Cold weather clothing

    Patagonia and smart wool.
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    Bartlein Steel Barrel vs Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel

    Stronger than a heavy barrel, proven heat dissipation, no barrel whip, huge weight savings, jacket available in aluminum, titanium, or stainless. Stainless being the big girl in school. I have them in aluminum and stainless.
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    Bartlein Steel Barrel vs Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel

    Bartlein with a StraightJacket. No question. Carbon fiber is meant for friday night rice burners
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    Help please rem 700

    My 700 tactical .308 is a 1:10, eats everything with reasonable accuracy. It loves 168smk over IMR 4895, but will happily print small groups with fgmm, and hornady factory loaded ammo
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    .300 BLK w/ LPVO, Bipod, Barricade Stop, Suppressor, Comb Riser...sub 8 lbs

    That's sweet, nice build! Good luck in the blinds!
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    Realistic expectations from your AR-15

    Maybe if it were my other, brother in law..... well, if I was the one scoring also
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    Realistic expectations from your AR-15

    My brother in law suggested that we combine our pastimes. Him with his wedge clubs and some bright colored golf balls, and me with a rifle. He gets to practice chip shots, and I get to play a modified form of skeet shooting....... I'm not sure how it would go, but it sure sounds like fun...
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    F150 Diesel

    Toyota owns a city, called Toyota. The twin turbo Supra was their last great claim. I did look at a 1794 edition tundra the other day, wicked nice interior. Those tundras chew tires and drink fuel. Tacoma was best when It had a straight X. Anyway, I'm not an NFL sponsor or supporter either, but...
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    Any lawn fanatics out there

    Used to mow commercially, reduced to a push mower these days.....not quite a Walker, but I still stripe my ghetto lawn, wife thinks I'm a hoot. Definitely an all outdoors kind of guy, so I'm with ya!
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    F150 Diesel

    East Coast Rover (ECR)
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    F150 Diesel

    Just sold a 13 F150 w/5.0, it was great. Currently own a 17 Explorer Sport w/3.5tt EcoBoost, and an 18 F150 w/5.0. Let me say this, that 3.5 is sick, plain awesome. And the new 5.0 is just as bad ass. I have sport mode in both vehicles, and under sport mode and my heavy foot, they both get 17+...
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    Realistic expectations from your AR-15

    Agreed that AR rifles/gas guns are a whole different animal to shoot than a bolt gun. Got to keep fundamentals intact regardless
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